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The Israelites cast the man’s remains into Elisha’s tomb in order to pursue the Moabites. What happened to the man’s remains? While the name may sound like something from Hollywood, the SS G. P. Griffith is a ship that sank in Lake Erie, killing as many as 289 people; though, of course, in the mid-1800s, that sort of record-keeping wasn’t very good. Corey Feldman appeared in ’80s movies like “The Goonies,” “Gremlins,” and “Stand By Me” before being packaged with Corey Haim as “The Two Coreys” of Hollywood, making movies and TV shows together until Haim’s death. The twentieth chapter of the book of Second Kings shows how God did as Prophet Isaiah had prayed on behalf of King Hezekiah. The ability to move freely around the open world surface and the 3-D dungeons made “Phantasy Star” a trendsetter in the world of video game RPGs. When an overflowing population led people to move outward from central Greece around the 8th to 6th centuries B.C.E. Ruth, a Moabite, was willing to leave her people in order to embrace Naomi, Naomi’s people, the Israelites, and Naomi’s God. With her wildly colored hair and soaring vocals, Cyndi Lauper made a mark on stages everywhere. Mercury played piano (including a classical solo) and sang all vocals, including multi-tracked harmonies. Taylor sang all the backing vocals, and used a Vocoder throughout the song. Mercury. May and Taylor have stated it as one of their favourite songs of Mercury’s, although Taylor admitted his vast displeasure with the video. During live performances, Mercury would usually rededicate the song to “a real motherfucker of a gentleman”, although this line was censored on the version that appeared on their Live Killers album in 1979. Other than on the live album, he said it was dedicated to a “motherfucker I used to know”. One bullet penetrated the president’s torso but he held on for eight days. She was also baptized into the religion of the royal family and started studying to become a British citizen. They will no longer be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Beeswax is no longer used, but other kinds are. But then there are the superstars, the artists who create many kinds of works, and majority of them are just fantastic. Each decade produces great materials from different kinds of artists. With a career dating all the way back to 1951, the Everly Brothers were responsible for classic hits like “Wake Up Little Susie” and “Cathy’s Clown.” They are best known for their ability to harmonize, and they broke a lot of ground for artists during the era. Pop, rock, R&B, there’s a wide variety of music genres to listen to. Unless you live under a rock, you know precisely who Prince Harry and his new wife, Megan Markle are. And, of course, the decade had big names in rock, such as Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Journey and Van Halen. During the War of the Roses, Elizabeth Woodville sought safety in Westminster where her son Edward V was born. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1973. The bridge features three spans founded on concrete piers and is constructed of concrete and polished granite, which is not as exciting as it sounds. In 1399, Henry of Lancaster returned from exile and overthrew Richard. Mary I was the only daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. William II was the third son of William the Conqueror and Matilda of Flanders. “The Anarchy” was a decade of civil war which started when Matilda invaded Anjou in 1139. The treaty of Westminster outlined that Matilda’s son, Henry Plantagenet would achieve the throne after the death of Stephen. She is now HRH Princess Henry of Wales, thus taking her husband’s name. Now known as the goddess of spring, Persephone is said to be spending time with her hubby down in the Underworld during the barren months of the year and back above ground when the land comes alive.

He wrote a letter to The Times proposing the memorial in September 1887. He wanted to bring attention to the daily lives of London’s working class while honoring Queen Victoria’s then-upcoming Golden Jubilee. Starting around Easter time, French children try to stick paper fish to the backs of adults in a prank known as Poisson d’Avril. Try this quiz now to find out! Many speculate that she will fill in for the Sussexes now that they have stepped down. There’s also enough color varieties that your garden could be all anemone, but not all the same color. The ’80s were notable for another major development in music: the introduction of MTV in 1981. Now songs could become popular not just due to radio airplay, but also thanks to music videos. Are you able to recognize her music videos based on the setting, costume or who else is in the video? The ’80s was the decade when “Video Killed the Radio Star” and Brat Pack movies made the teen comedy a Hollywood staple. On royal tours, every member going must pack a black outfit in the event that someone dies while they’re on tour. The Brat Pack were a group of actors prevalent in the 1980s who starred together in several movies, much like the Rat Pack of the 1950s and 1960s did. The Vietnam War bitterly divided the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, and it drastically impacted the music scene. Exporting any flora or fauna from Australia has been illegal since the 1960s. All of the bearded dragons sold as pets come from stock that has been bred in the United States for decades. From South America to Australia and everywhere in between, people find ways to mark this holiday with prayer, remembrance, mourning, joy and merriment. Adam Lambert announced they are bringing The Rhapsody Tour to Australia for 6 Stadium shows in February 2020 and on 8 April 2019 they announced 3 more shows in New Zealand. This guitar went on to become Page’s favorite, and he’s played it on all of Led Zeppelin’s major recordings and live shows. The race recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Sagrada Familia, a Catholic church in Barcelona, isn’t expected to be completed until 2026, but that isn’t stopping tourists from checking it out. Lord Tyrion’s secret weapon for stopping Lord Stannis and his forces when they tried to sack King’s Landing via naval attack was a massive stockpile of wildfire. In July 1588, 130 ships known as the Spanish Armada set out to attack England. During the Azerbaijan presidential election held on October 15, 2003, then prime minister of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev campaigned on behalf of his father, incumbent President Heydar Aliyev, who was hospitalized in the United States at the time. The plot to blow up Parliament eventually became known as the Gunpowder Plot. The queen had arranged a banquet for her husband and Haman, whose plot she exposed to King Ahasuerus. Who was this biblical woman? Big hair, bold makeup, shoulder pads and a punk-meets-glam aesthetic were everywhere, thanks to some of the biggest acts of the day. Judge Claude Frollo might seem like a nice guy in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” — after all, he adopts Quasimodo and acts as a surrogate father to the boy. The quote seen above was said by Judge Claude Frollo, the main villain from the movie, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” He comes to lust over the beautiful Esmeralda the street performer, which almost drives him insane. The quote seen above was said by Judge Claude Frollo, the main antagonist in the movie, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” He is a justice minister who later regretfully became the caretaker of Quasimodo, the hunchback.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic served in the Foreign Affairs Ministry in the early 1990s. Considered one of the most powerful leaders in Croatia, Plenkovic is the leader of the HDZ, Croatian Democratic Union. The controversial leader is married and has four children. Alfred was king of Wessex from 871 to 899. During this time, he fought off the Vikings, establishing himself as the leader of England. Artagnan and the Musketeers fought Richelieu’s men together, after they stormed in and demanded that the Musketeers surrender. Plus, he did all this while supporting a decrepit grandfather and an amorphous, cattle-gobbling twin brother. In this pioneering video game, you play Alis and her band of heroes fighting on three different planets to defeat the cruel King Lassic and avenge Alis’ brother. A judge sentenced Sirhan Sirhan to death by gas chamber … George suffered from a mental illness, which left the responsibility of ruling to his son. Both sides suffered from the bitter European winter weather. Chamonix, France, is home to Aiguille du Midi, which includes a room made of glass on three sides (and under your feet!). But don’t worry – as far as gruesome Greek myths go, this one has some semblance of a happy ending (for the children at least). The White Walkers are half-man, half-ice creatures that live in the far north, and they can resurrect the dead. The Monument’s viewing platform features in the 1970 film The Man Who Haunted Himself where Roger Moore’s character, Harold Pelham, meets a company rival for a secret meeting prior to a company takeover. An ancient poem called the ‘Hymn to Aphrodite’ tells it best,” Martin says. “When the rival gods Poseidon and Apollo were both seeking to wed Hestia, she stubbornly refused. These lines are from “Hail Holy Queen,” which is also a hymn. The prayer has also been used in musical form as a hymn. The 1980s were an incredible decade for musical genius among musicians. Singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen is perhaps widely known then and now for one particular song: “Born in the U.S.A.” He has been releasing singles since the ’70s and has 70 to his credit. David Bowie’s 1983 single “Let’s Dance” became a big hit and helped Bowie find new fans in the ’80s who weren’t familiar with his ’70s music. Rahab helped Joshua’s men escape. He was in on the Musketeers’ plan and helped them to capture Milady and get her and the necklace on the airship. In the movie, he comes up with a plan to take over Mount Olympus. In February 2006, Argent, developers proposed leasing the building from Britannia Hotels to transform it into a music and arts venue. King and he dubbed his guitar “Lucille” to remind himself never again to be so foolish as to run into a burning building. Melisandre, the Red Woman, is a priestess of the Lord of Light, a god who has a fondness for fire. His pajamas are also pressed every day, his shoelaces are pressed with a flat iron and he likes his bathwater tepid. Out of 120 possible plaques, to this day, only 54 have been installed. The combined score of the three games was an awe-inspiring 114-0. When the team arrived on a special train, student served as “horses” to transport the players’ carriages to the university campus.

They always put on a very special (usually fairly adult-themed) show for homecoming. The album was also released on DVD and Blu-ray with additional songs omitted on the CD and vinyl releases. The Irish band U2 released “Sunday Bloody Sunday” in 1983 as a political song protesting the Troubles in Northern Ireland. What was his name? Daniel ate the lions. The twenty-second verse of the same chapter confirms Daniel’s subsequent message to King Darius: “God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths.” Despite the new law against prayer, Daniel continued to pray toward Jerusalem three times daily. The lions feasted on “Daniel” meat for two days. The big fish swallowed a piranha fish that feasted on Jonah. The hand of a man appeared and wrote on a wall while King Belshazzar feasted with forbidden golden vessels in his possession. Ned Stark was the King’s Hand for a time, the second-most powerful man in the land. Moses’s wife Zipporah used a sharp stone to remove her son’s foreskin, which she threw at Moses’s feet. No magic involved, just a sharp knife. You know, like magic rejuvenation and the chance to bed every duchess in Italy. The Dead Moon Circus, lead by Zirconia, has a mission to free Queen Nehelenia from her mirror prison. Son of Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnely, he was the first king to rule over both England and Scotland. Elizabeth of York was the first Tudor queen. Aaron then became the first high priest of Israel. Also known as the Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, this facility closed in 1995 and was considered haunted. In the 1995 movie “Pocahontas,” the British settlers in Virginia were led by the greedy Governor Ratcliffe, who was willing to lie, steal or even kill to build a stockpile of gold for himself. A car thief travels to Long Beach, California in hopes of completing his mission to steal 48 cars for a crime boss. And he’s on a mission to steal 48 cars for a drug cartel boss. Such a steal! Tickets to the iconic Woodstock festival could be had for the low price of $24. But snagging a Mustang code-named “Eleanor” will be harder than he imagined. While Eleanor may have been the Duchess of Aquitaine by her own right, she later became the queen consort of France (and later England). In 2014, the band released a completed version of the song which features elements from a number of Queen demos of the track, with new backing vocals from May and Taylor, and new guitars from May on the album Queen Forever. In order to marry, members of the royal family need the direct permission of the queen. Here’s a fun fact for the day: Did you know that Nike (the popular shoe brand) was actually the name for the “winged goddess?” She was known for her athletic abilities and was the daughter of Styx and Pallas, who was a Titan. Usually less than half the size of the girl’s mum, the garter is worn on the gentleman’s arm – hopefully not when he is attempting to drive his date to the homecoming dance. Herodias arranged to have John placed in prison, and asked for his head through her daughter during the daughter’s dance. Children and young people would bring around a dummy of Guy Fawkes and ask for funds for the night’s celebration. Only about 1,700 people were rescued. Bearded dragons make great pet reptiles because they don’t get too big, they’re omnivorous (which means they eat lots of different foods) and they’re surprisingly gentle. Pet store sand is very fine and can clog up a dragon’s digestive system if he eats it. If you use a drawer to keep your jewelry organized, get rid of cheap plastic containers and choose colorful and mismatched ceramic bowls or teacups. PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is the plastic used for soda, juice and water bottles. The Arc de Triomphe stands as a monument to fallen soldiers from the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Artagnan started attacking the soldiers and the Musketeers joined in to help him! In the early 20th century, a revolutionary technology – radio – began to transform battlefield communications, allowing soldiers to relay critical messages and coordinate their objectives in real time. Although they could not travel more than four miles per hour, they were effective tools on the open battlefield. Often studied in literature classes, it tells the story of a group of 30 pilgrims who travel to Canterbury. For her contributions to literature and arts. The Church of Our Savior of Spilled Blood is frequently pictured in literature about St. Petersburg, thanks to its bulb-shaped domes and colorful exterior. Michael J. Fox hit superstardom in “Back to the Future” thanks to a car that also served as a time machine. Blood, Sweat & Tears was known for their upbeat style that expertly combined rock and roll and jazz. King Charles II sailed down from Whitehall in the Royal barge to inspect the scene. The assassins smuggled hand grenades to the scene and lobbed them towards Sadat’s vehicle. In “Aladdin and the King of Thieves,” this greedy villain grabs the Hand of Midas. Nobody bats an eye when a novice wizard gets in over his head. During the latter years of his life, Geroge III became mentally unwell, so his son became Regent and ruled in his place. Some dubbed the instrument the “Grail” of electric guitars, since it was known to be Les Paul’s main axe, which he continuously modified until it became industry standard. The sport began as casual competition and entertainment among cowboys during the roundup and has grown into a professional industry. If all else fails, you can always call a professional exterminator. Absolutely no one knew how the thing worked, and the wizard had to call up the ghosts of prehistoric shamans just to figure out which way to read the text. But Prince William and Kate Middleton come from a long line of famous royals dating all the way back to the Alfred the Great who ruled in 871. Just because there may not have been photographers hiding in the bushes back in, say, the 1500s, doesn’t mean the lives of these monarchs were any less fascinating or impactful. His mother is Queen Elizabeth II, and his father is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Elizabeth I set off her extremely pale, powdered face with bright red lip color made from crushed roses and geraniums. Queen Serenity is Queen of the Moon until she sacrifices herself so her daughter and the other Sailors can save the world.S.? Thanks to these battles, William was established as the first Norman King of England. He covered the trap door that led to his secret treasure room. They will bloom in the summer and fall, and even in the winter in some milder climates. Which bloom is it? But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee. She was the second daughter of James II who struggled to bear children, having a total of 17 pregnancies. Prince Louis of Cambridge was born on April 23, 2018. The youngest of their three children, he is the first male born heir who will be further back in line for the throne than his sister due to a new birth order rule. Make sure to keep borax away from babies and young children, because it can cause skin irritations and headaches. She brought Jon Snow back to life, but her complicity in the murder of a young girl got her sent south with a threat of death on her head should she return. Baking soda: Mix one part baking soda with one part powdered sugar (ants love sweet things) and place it in an area where you see ants. He cast out demons in Martha and read her like a book, as you will see in this quiz. While most bands march and execute formations with military precision, the MOB takes the field in a mad dash, frequently in costume, and the ensemble features one of the few marching electric basses in collegiate history. Although the use of the Guy Fawkes mask blew up with V for Vendetta and other pop culture references, it was noticeably used by political protesters, and as a mask for violent political actions. His actions were thought to be undesirable by the Church and he eventually relinquished his title as king, in favor of his brother, opting instead to take the title of Duke of Windsor.

Richard was an extravagant and unjust ruler, after the death of his wife Anne of Bohemia he became unbalanced and his actions of tyranny became much worse. Prince’s 1984 album “Purple Rain.” The hit song, for which Prince played all the instruments, saw a surge in popularity again following his death in 2016. Can you name the band that sings, “Every smile you fake / Every claim you stake / I’ll be watching you”? After the horror of the Holocaust, he committed suicide in a bunker in the final days of World War II. In 1991, a female suicide bomber approached Gandhi prior to a speech and denoted explosives hidden in her dress. Fifteen peopled died, including Gandhi. King Tut ruled Egypt from 1332 to 1323 BC, but was only 19 when he died, so his legacy as a ruler was relatively forgettable. The Legacy of Lucille: The Surprising Story Behind B.B. He left the legacy of the Christmas Tree and the Great Exhibition of 1851. Victoria’s reign developed the British Empire to twice its size. The Germans timed the fuses on their artillery shells to explode right at tree level. Ronnie Wood joined the band in 1975. The Rolling Stones continues to be one of the most popular and biggest grossing live bands of all time. Some of their hits include “The One I Love,” “Orange Crush,” and “Stand.” But more people got to know them in the ’90s thanks to hits like “Shiny Happy People,” “Everybody Hurts,” and “Losing My Religion.” Who’s the band? Smith is the most common name in Britain because all villages had at least one blacksmith at the time that surnames became widespread. Even Simon Schama doesn’t know everything there is about Britain and Northern Ireland. Did you know that divorce was essentially invented and introduced to the Church by King Henry VII? Who invented the electric guitar as we know it today? Take our quiz to see how much you know about the world of “Sailor Moon”! See if you can figure out where a coin toss in the Trevi Fountain might find you or which popular castle became the basis for Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.” Gather some digital “stamps” for your passport in the questions that follow – let’s go! He got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984. What’s the name of this alternative pop rock group? The five original Senshi include Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. Neil Armstrong might have been the first person to step foot on the moon, but Buzz Aldrin was the first person to pee on the moon. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong both reported that the moon had a very strong scent, but they disagreed on what it was. Neil Armstrong contacted Houston when the lunar module had landed. This includes the Way of the Cross, in which the Pope visits the stations of the cross, as well as an Easter mass in Saint Peter’s Square attended by 80,000 people. He was tricked into marrying with her sister Leah (who was veiled at the ceremony) and had to put in another seven years to get Rachel too. Constance tricked Richelieu’s men into thinking she was d’Artagnan so that d’Artagnan and the Musketeers could get out of the city and retrieve the Queen’s necklace. As many as 1,200 men died as the ship exploded and then rolled. The Edinburgh-born writer James Boswell visited the Monument in 1763 to climb the 311 steps to what was then the highest viewpoint in London. Again, we are dealing with a powerful set of symbols: Hestia is totally devoted to patriarchal power. Sean Connery starred in Never Say Never Again, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Highlander. He married Alexandra of Denmark in 1863. Near death, Queen Alexandra allowed one of his mistresses, Mrs.Keypel, to say her goodbyes to Edward. Edward was killed in a battle against the Welsh. He became king after his %0D brother Richard, died in 1199. During his reign, the Magna Carta was signed. No cute little stumbles – the Little Mermaid feels excruciating pain when she walks. Garmonbozia — which looks like creamed corn — represents pain and sorrow and appears regularly throughout the series. But it now looks like he’ll be a major part of the war against the Night King. They can only wear a particular line of “casualwear” that actually looks semi formal. This line is from the “Prayer of St. Anselm.” St. Anselm, like St. Augustine, was known for the many prayers he wrote over his lifetime.

A common historical flag flies over many houses and establishments in Texas, bearing the image of a cannon and a star. Charles himself disliked the idea of his statue atop the monument and instead preferred a simple copper-gilded ball “with flames sprouting from the top”, costing a little over £325, but ultimately it was the design of a flaming gilt-bronze urn suggested by Robert Hooke that was chosen. Let’s get started to find out how many of these 35 Roman gods and goddesses you can name. Veritas was the goddess of truth. Dennis Erdman as the older, ill-fated son, is superior appearing in war-time flashbacks to reveal the sad truth behind his unnecessary death. The quote shown above was said by Ernesto de la Cruz, the main villain of the movie, “Coco.” Although dead, the villain is known for his amazing songs, which turns out were stolen from one of his friends who he killed after he threatened to tell the truth. It is weird and disturbing that Zeus, first of all, who is the father of Persephone by his own sister Demeter, basically allows his brother, Hades, to abduct (or even rape) her,” Martin says. “In ancient times, allegory was the main tool used to interpret unpleasant or opaque stories. Khal Drogo, played by Jason Momoa, was one of the most physically imposing figures in the early seasons. The ultimate goal of the conspiracy would have been a Catholic England, since many of the influential Protestant figures would have died in the explosion. The quote shown was said by Ursula, the main antagonist in the movie, “The Little Mermaid.” She is a villainous sea witch who is known for making deals with the merpeople and whose ultimate goal is to dethrone the king of Atlantica, King Triton. Mare Tranquillitatis, or the Sea of Tranquility, is on the surface of the moon. While some of us are walking trivia sponges, others have to work hard to retain just the knowledge we need to get through our daily lives. From geography to movie facts, trivia is not a shallow well. Never having adapted a screenplay from her books, the 2016 movie is the first one. A Beautiful Mind swept the box office and the Oscars, earned Howard his first Best Director and Best Picture awards, and nabbed an award for Best Screenplay. If you have a lot of gold and silver jewelry, especially if the pieces include diamonds, pearls or gemstones, your best bet for storage is a well-crafted jewelry box that has enough compartments to store each piece separately and an area to hang chains to keep them from tangling. Doctor Who. Which UK city hosted the 2012 summer Olympics? One of the best things about our lives is the memories we get to make, keep and treasure. Other storytellers send him straight to hell. White vinegar: Mix a solution of one part white vinegar to one part water or just use straight vinegar. With so much development, the bridge became constricted – not to mention the bathroom facilities dropped straight into the Thames – so the city started removing the buildings in the 18th century. Estonia, for example, elected its first female president in 2016, and Iceland’s prime minister was born in 1976. And of course, we don’t fail to mention the monarchs of Europe, many of whom have ruled their respective countries in virtual silence for hundreds of years. Abigail must have been a good cook, not to mention a quick thinker! Whether you look at him with admiration or disagreement, there’s a good chance that you share some of his traits. They look so much like dahlias that one variety is called ‘dahlia-flowered’ and grows up to three feet tall. The wizard Rincewind finds a perfect home at the dead center of this list.

Rincewind occasionally helps save Discworld from this doom or another, but he also boasts an impressive ability to solve minor problems by turning them into major disasters. The fascination with royals is occasionally unexplainable, but a significant aspect of our ability to document history. With Splash, Ron Howard proved his ability to warm audience’s hearts while keeping them laughing. James Spader played the bad guy in “Pretty in Pink,” but he was so handsome while doing it! He died in 1100 in a hunting accident that has long been suspected to be a murder. John Connally. Kennedy died later that day. So he hires a daring driver (Burt Reynolds) to illegally transport the brew without getting caught by police. The Lake has no road access and only non-motorized boats are permitted on its waters. There are plenty of speakers of regional languages such as Cornish and Gaelic, though they don’t generally get road signs in translation the way that the Welsh do! The German army was battered and bruised by years of war, but it still had plenty of viciousness left to direct at the Allies. The Hurtgen Forest was an area of woodlands on the Germany-Belgium border. There were about 120,000 troops fighting at the Battle of Hurtgen. Before the Alamo became a military fort for the battle against the Mexican army for the territory of Texas, it was a mission for the Spanish Franciscans. Take this quiz to see if your Rowling fandom is truly special. Back when he was preparing to make his legendary film, “Purple Rain,” Prince walked into a guitar shop in his hometown of Minneapolis and commissioned a local luthier (stringed-instrument maker) named Dave Rusan to make him a special axe. Don’t run from who you are” was said by Aslan, a character from the Chronicles of Narnia series, specifically “Prince Caspian.” The talking lion was created by C.S. Where the Wild Things Are” is a 1963 children’s picture book by Maurice Sendak, about an imaginative child who sailed to an island full of “wild things.” The quote “Oh please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so!” was said by one of the wild things.” Which of the following is it? Dr. Don’t run from who you are.” Who is it? He planned on being freed so that he could run for president himself. They’re run out of town. Naturally, the ostracized population wasn’t terribly well-off, so getting out of the country proved arduous. With about 80,000 troops, the Germans were outnumbered. If she’s wearing bright colors, her security detail can keep a better eye on her and get to her more easily if something were to go wrong. Find out before you get left on the wrong side of Tower Bridge! From slick pop to pure goth, no one could get enough. Keep all food, plates, utensils and anything with the slightest scent of food on it away from your campsite. It was a way to keep the royal family all in the same bloodline. Did you know that God’s instructions to Noah regarding building the ark were so specific that even the name of the substance used to seal the massive vessel is mentioned?

Since XRF is a Certified Space Technology, the Space Foundation adds its seal to carpet cleaning products that its meet Seal of Approval program standards. His wife Galina heads “Din Suflet,” a family charity foundation. Queen Anne’s lace is actually part of the carrot family. The dogs would get drunk, and there was the fear they would become addicted! For an entire month in 1888, Jack the Ripper held London’s East End area of Whitechapel hostage with fear. Robert De Niro starred in Raging Bull, Cape Fear and Meet the Parents. Robert De Niro stars as the cut-the-crap arson investigator and Donald Sutherland shines as his creepy nemesis. The space race defined the latter part of the twentieth century and ushered in a new era of bright-eyed kids dreaming of being the next one selected by NASA to venture up to the stars and explore worlds beyond our own. Ruth was totally committed to her mother-in-law, Naomi, to whom she is speaking in the referenced quote. Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother are cut out of the Wolf’s stomach. The quote shown above was said by Prince Hans Westergaard of the Southern Isles, the main antagonist in the movie, “Frozen.” He was the youngest of 13 brothers, which meant that his chances of inheriting the throne were slim to none. The Black Death wiped out up to 60% of Europe’s population in places. Wages in some places doubled, and the feudal system was permanently weakened. Once literacy became widespread, a better system was needed, and postage stamps were the result, brainchild of Sir Rowland Hill. When the stored energy is suddenly released by slippage across the fault at irregular intervals, the Cascadia subduction zone can create very large earthquakes such as the magnitude-9 Cascadia earthquake of 1700. Geological evidence indicates that great earthquakes may have occurred at least seven times in the last 3,500 years, suggesting a return time of 400 to 600 years. Due to complaints about the game’s difficulty, Human released “Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Easy Type”. The quote seen above was said by Hades, the main antagonist of the movie, “Hercules.” He is the god of the Underworld who has a vendetta against his older brother, Zeus. This quote was said by Maleficent, the main antagonist in the movie, “Sleeping Beauty.” She has been called evil incarnate and is dead set on causing the demise of King Stefan’s kingdom as he betrayed her earlier on in life. Their sleeping area was only slightly bigger than a large car. The astronauts of Apollo 11 slept in sleeping bags that were secured down with restraints so they wouldn’t float around. No, they slept in metal pods shaped to their bodies. No, they slept in bags that were secured in place with restraints. He’s a man of meager plots at best and, for all his legendary ineptitude, he’s yet to stumble into a fate worse than death. Elsewhere they are best for cool season display in spring or fall. More than anything though, this is a quiz about characters who belong in one story, but might look like they fit in another – or not, depending on how well you know the stories. They might attract bugs, though, so it’s important to keep an eye on it. Alas, though, Norse is not spoken in Britain, though it has given many words to the English language. Federation translators understand the words but not the meanings. What body part do they manipulate to add meaning to their spoken words?

Then you have to add in Wildling slang, Dothraki slang and low and high Valyrian, plus whatever other languages are floating around, and you can start to understand all the lingo. Then all Israel gathered together to David at Hebron and said, “Behold, we are your bone and flesh. That tank needs to have a screen top for ventilation, a dish for food (well, maybe not the live crickets), a dish for water, a place for your dragon to hide, and some clean branches for him to climb. Time After Time” and “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” She made more albums and hits, but she also found success on Broadway with her award-winning musical stage composition called “Kinky Boots. The current configuration of the Pacific Ring of Fire has been created by the development of the present-day subduction zones, initially (by about 115 million years ago) in South America, North America and Asia. An article appeared in Scientific American in 1878 with the title “The Ring of Fire, and the Volcanic Peaks of the West Coast of the United States”, which outlined the phenomenon of volcanic activity around the boundaries of the Pacific. Earth in this time interval occurred at Ring of Fire volcanoes. And because none of these individual ants is leading the ball-making charge, roboticists are interested in what fire ants can teach us about modular robotics. The Jews who departed Spain – anywhere from 100,000-300,000 left – couldn’t take gold, silver or coins with them. After Aaron made a calf from gold, he proclaimed “These be thy gods, O Israel,” as stated in the book of Exodus in the thirty-second chapter. God afflicted Miriam with leprosy and exiled her from the camp for seven days, because she and Aaron questioned Moses’s relationship with God. Miriam was sister to Moses and Aaron. He is considered one of the most influential and celebrated pharaohs in history and is often considered the likely candidate of being the pharaoh mentioned in the story of Moses. Deimos was the god of terror and dread and was the son of Ares, the god of war. This is only fitting, as his information leaks can be seen as terror weapons in their effect. This was to avoid wardrobe mishaps like the skirt flying up and revealing more skin than should ever be seen. The Andals arrived on Westeros when the First Men already lived there, and they pushed the First Men out without even having a thanskgiving meal first. There are countless cities beyond Westeros like the free cities of Braavos, Pentos and Volantis, and they all have ruling families who live in giant castles that all have specific names, sigils and mottos. The Winnipeg Free Press noted that the group blended “clever, often poignant lyrics with attractively-arranged melodies”. Despite her reluctance to participate, Annie Blackburn wins the Miss Twin Peaks competition. Diana, the huntress, was Apollo’s twin sister. Castor and Polydeuces were twin brothers who shared different fathers but the same mother. Still, this has never slowed the Scots down in any other part of life, and golf is the same! Jack Brooksbank to her name? Now, her full name reads Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York, Mrs. Jack Brooksbank. The tenth in line for the throne, Princess Eugenie of York married Jack Brooksbank in a ceremony at St. George’s Chapel. Afterwards John Deacon came up with a suitable bass line. Did you know this monarch was involved in “The War of the Roses,” which was the inspiration of George R. R. Martin’s series “A Song of Ice & Fire” (also known as “Game of Thrones”)? When Rome became the dominant power around 100 B.C.E., Greek god of war Ares was given the moniker Mars. She was important to the military-minded Romans, while Mars appealed more to the battle-minded Greeks. He was to be ripped apart while still alive! From Portugal to Austria to Russia, how many of these European capitals can you match to the country? Ray went to Canada and then flew to England and Portugal. Charles II was also known as the “Merry Monarch.” He reigned from 1649 until 1651, then from 1660 until 1685. He was a well-liked, but he was not a very effective monarch. The castle was built on a former third-century Roman fort and later used as an air raid shelter during WWII. It could be a tree or a telephone pole, or it could be a house on whose roof humans are taking shelter. He breaks into the house. Here the Incas are shown wailing and beating drums and dogs, during the eclipse of the moon.

Defeated here as well, he died at the hands of his backstabbing lackey Wormtongue in one of Hobbiton’s worst neighborhoods. Because he was a recluse who rarely left the house, she asked him to hold her secret diary, which Donna plots to get her hands on after Laura’s death. Joseph destroyed a beast with his bare hands. The brothers dipped the coat in goat’s blood and returned it to their father, who assumed Joseph had been devoured by a beast. Ichinsky, the only active volcano in the central belt, is located farther to the west. Mosquitoes spread disease too, like West Nile virus and malaria. 911 works too, allegedly because so many Americans were dialling it that the compassionate British decided they weren’t going to learn any better. An early promo cassette for The Works features a very different track listing, where its title appears. The sessions for The Works were highly productive, resulting in an overwhelmingly large body of material written and recorded. Whether records, films, or TV shows, these superstars became big because they have what it takes: talent, unyielding charisma, and memorable material. If we give you three films, would you be able to identify the ’80s movie star? In his latest stretch of films, Ron Howard made some introspective dramas. This quiz is Old-Testament-heavy because many of our most beloved stories from the Bible take place in that stretch of the Good Book. Too much squish underfoot can stretch and tear carpet. It protects the carpet from wear and tear. Only married royals are permitted to wear tiaras. The name of the royal house has changed down through the ages, as royal lines have died out, merged out, or even been replaced wholesale. Her full title is Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and she is the fourth in the line of succession to the British throne. This line speaks about what the Virgin Mary means to women as well as the holiness that she was able to achieve. But Martin says audiences had trouble with that tale from the start. In “Goldfinger,” everyone’s favorite spy zips around in an Aston Martin DB5. The guitar, which remained Mitchell’s favorite until it was stolen in the mid-1970s, was given to her by a Marine captain back from Vietnam. Enyo was nicknamed as the “sister of war” and fought battles with Ares, who was the god of war. In 1642, he fought the armies of the Scottish and English parliaments and was later convicted and subsequently executed. So pervasive was his influence and so iconic his status that collectors have fought over his personal guitars for years. Ten Years After was a bluesy British band that routinely hit the top-40 charts across the pond. Teachers and students alike took Crouch for the genuine article as he taught Defense Against the Dark Arts classes by day and secretly plotted to deliver Harry Potter to the dark lord during lunch breaks and planning periods. It can be hard to find an authentic one outside the UK, with Americans who have tried it spending large sums to acquire the genuine article on home soil. Sarah, Duchess of York, mother to Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, recently admitted to spending every Christmas alone for the past 20 years. You may remember him for having six wives — a couple of which he beheaded — but Henry VIII was also King of England for 36 years. Japanese bombs struck the ship and ignited ammunition stored onboard, causing a catastrophic explosion that killed almost 1,200 sailors. During WWII, Americans used “Roger” for the letter “R. NATO eventually went with “Tango” instead. In early 1945, no one really knew. But the Americans did know that “Uncle’ stood for “U. It was an easy choice to represent the letter “V. By November 1983, Roger Taylor’s “Radio Ga Ga” was chosen as the first single from the album. Roger Hobbs, emeritus professor, department of civil and environmental engineering, Imperial College London, explains in an email.

This time, the alarm rang inside the school, but it was not automatically connected to the fire department. Ron Howard established himself as a bona fide blockbuster director with Backdraft in 1991. The story follows a pair of fire-fighting brothers as they work and toil in the Chicago Fire Department. The show lasted just two seasons, from 1990 to 1991. Producers also released a 1992 film called “Fire Walk with Me,” which served as a prequel of sorts, and answered many lingering questions about the show. The English band Tears for Fears released “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” in 1985, and it became one of their signature songs. This is a highly volatile game and it is based on the Fire Queen who is responsible for the protection of her land’s treasures. He died two hours later in spite of heroic efforts by a huge team of doctors. Both Ferdinand and his wife died later at a hospital. With the exception of two or three monarchs, it has done just that since its completion in 1567, while also serving periodically as a palace, library, museum and hospital. She informed Cardinal Richlieu about the completion of the machine. The Musketeers said the Cardinal got the King an airship. The King was happy the Cardinal would do that for him, but wondered why the airship was so damaged. Milady de Winter supposedly died by jumping from the airship and into the ocean. He died a leper. There were about 6,700 people onboard, and fewer than 200 were rescued, making this one of the single deadliest events of the war. About 200 people were rescued by a passing ship. Winky just wasn’t fast enough to chase PacMan! The pipe chase made an uninterrupted conduit up to the cockloft above the second-floor classrooms (see “Evacuation” below). Along the way, he zooms into one of Hollywood’s most famous car chase scenes. Mullen, who grew up red-white-and-blue proud, went on, by the way, to serve as a significant symbol of protest against the Vietnam war, prompting the government to give unbiased, accurate accounts of military casualties. Along the way, he must contend with police officers and criminals alike. A group of organized criminals uses their race cars to hijack semis loaded with loot. And yes, this race actually happens in real life … Kowalski must race the car to its new owner by zipping from Denver to San Francisco, a distance of 1,200 miles. Go in any direction from Baton Rouge, and you’ll come across miles and miles of alligator-infested bayous. They were reluctant to arouse the Iroquois, whom they feared more than they did the British colonists and with whom they had made the Great Peace of Montreal in 1701. New York merchants were opposed to attacking New France because it would interrupt the lucrative Indian fur trade, much of which came through New France. Her reign is considered a “golden age” because of her military victories and the peace she brought to her kingdom. Pax was the goddess of peace. Diana, whom the Greeks called Artemis, rose to life from sea foam to become the goddess wife of Vulcan. Since Hendrix’s death in 1970, the whereabouts of “Black Beauty” remain mysterious. Latimer recommends clean playground sand or kiln-dried all-purpose sand over pet store sand. Ellaria Sand is the ruthless mother of the Sand Snakes, and she’s finally taken the reins in Dorne. His mother was the well-loved Princess Diana. The English defeated the unbeatable Armada on July 29, 1588 — and only about half of those ships made it back to Spain intact. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand the II united Spain during their time on the throne. So, who was Persephone, exactly? So, when their nest floods, all up to 500,000 or so worker ants surround their queen and her eggs, linking arms and forming a floating raft with their waxy bodies, creating pockets of air for buoyancy. Instead of chocolate, they are filled with eggs, bread, lamb, salt, ham and other foods, and these baskets are taken to church on Saturday for blessing before they are consumed on Easter Sunday. Germans have long followed the Easter tradition of Osterbrunnen, which involves decorating wells and fountains with eggs, flowers and sprigs of evergreen. Elizabeth used crushed flowers. Time is of the essence when everyone is always at war, so there was no time for honeymoons in “Game of Thrones.” A wedding ceremony didn’t end until all the guests carried the newlyweds to bed in what was called the bedding ceremony.

Tending to the feet of guests was the work of servants. These real-life royal families usually serve as figureheads and diplomatic servants of the state they reside in. Projecting the proper image is extremely important for the royal family, and they are not permitted to look like schlubs. Charles, Prince of Wales, is heir apparent to the British throne. Very popular prince of Wales who rejected the throne to marry twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson. Meghan Markle, who was a celebrity prior to being a Duchess, may have just gotten lost in the habit. As it’s become easier to attend, the ceremonies have gotten even more raucous. You better have gotten this one right! The lineup was new, with one exception: Santana performed. Jaime is another character who’s gone through quite an evolution through the series. Kylie Minogue started out as a child actress, performing various roles in Australian media productions, particularly in the long-running soap opera called “Neighbours.” She then turned to music, and became a pop sensation after releasing many worldwide hits. David then removed the armor, slang a stone from his bag and smote Goliath, “the Philistine, in his forehead.” David went up against the Philistine giant Goliath with nothing but a sling and five smooth stones. No need to break the bank — these can be found at thrift stores and yard sales for next to nothing. Their marriage was nothing short of tumultuous, with both of them having extramarital affairs before their divorce was official. Royals are too busy with affairs of State to do much traveling outside the Commonwealth, and the previously closed or chaotic nature of China under communism meant that prior to the queen in 2017, no British sovereign had visited there. At the high school level, the picnic frequently takes the place of a lunch period during the week before the game, and the form of the food offerings ranges from place to place, from classic covered-dish affairs to big grilling events with burgers, dogs and the like over hot coals. She presided over the forests and was always depicted with a dog and a weapon. A quick and dirty rundown on some of your favorite characters from Greek mythology: Zeus is the powerful Father of the Gods who had a complicated relationship with Aphrodite and doted on his daughter Athena, who assisted Hercules (the Roman version of the Greek hero Herakles) in one of his 12 labors. Before becoming prime minister, Babis was accused of unlawfully securing EU funds for his wife and daughter. Which song was inspired by Beyoncé’s daughter? Beyoncé’s success made her a household name long ago, but how much do you truly know about the singer’s discography? One, which he delivered, was for if the landing was a success. It’s a beautiful, full flower, and once you plant one, more will pop up, and you’ll end up with a plentiful array of dahlias. Which flower, also called Gazania, has big white leaves with pink up the middle and an orange center, but comes in many other varieties? The carnation flower, especially yellow carnations, have been the symbol of friendship for a long time. The state name comes from the Caddo word for “friend” or “ally.” Texas shares a nearly 2000-mile-long border with Mexico and demonstrates the unique friendship that can be shared by two countries. In this adaptation of a Stephen King book, Christine comes to life and goes on a murder spree. All were critical to the evolution of the electric guitar, but it was a 13-year-old Paul who used an old photograph needle wired to a radio speaker to turn his acoustic guitar into a thing of the future. As revenge for killing one of her fellow Night’s Watch recruits, Arya Stark introduces him to the pointy end of her sword, Needle. After killing his brother, Romulus built Rome in 753 B.C.E. Caesar served as military dictator of Rome from 49 to 44 BC — until he was famously assassinated via stabbing — by members of his own Senate. Nero ruled ancient Rome from 54 to 68 AD.

According to legend, Nero was busy fiddling while this great land burned. God sends an angel to stop him going out with the Moabites, but Balaam’s donkey can see it while Balaam cannot. Hendrix intends to finish his performance with a grand gesture by smashing his guitar to pieces. Boll weevils ruined cotton crops in the 19th and 20th centuries. Richard Gere starred in Pretty Woman, An Officer and a Gentleman and The Cotton Club. During his reign, England went through the Great Plague in 1653 and the Great Fire of London in 1666. He was known as the Merry Monarch, who came to the throne after Oliver Cromwell’s death and the exile of Richard Cromwell. Dreyfus was born in Brooklyn, New York. Weaver was born was born Susan Alexandra Weaver. When Doves Cry” was the lead single off of Prince’s 1984 album “Purple Rain.” It was the top-selling single of the year. It became more well known when it was re-recorded and re-released on the commercially successful 1983 Bowie album “Let’s Dance. Produced by Nile Rodgers, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” was released in 1984. To date it has sold over 21 million copies. Madonna released “Like a Prayer” in 1989 on her fourth album. The game was going to be released in the U.S. Is this “Game of Thrones” character alive or dead? The seat is held by Varys for most of the show, and his intelligence officers are a bunch of little kids he calls little birds. It’s not clear if the women actually thought Prince Harry was appearing on a reality dating show, but it was canceled after four episodes. The group, led by Prince Demande, comes from the planet Nemesis. Religion and politics are strange bedfellows sometimes. Brush up on Scottish news, sports and politics with Scotland’s oldest daily newspaper, The Press and Journal, based in Aberdeen. One thing we Brits do particularly well is invent sports then get consistently beaten at them by other nations, a pattern that holds true across football, cricket and, of course, rugby. If you’re a fan of immersive worlds, rich storytelling and intricate character progression, then you’re probably a fan of role-playing games. Ten miles (16 kilometers) north of Old Faithful, the Sentinel Meadows and Queen’s Laundry trail crosses the Ojo Caliente geyser and Firehole River (via bridge) before veering toward the meadows, a moist grassland featuring scattered geysers and hot pools. The 3-mile (4.8 kilometer) loop runs through mixed conifer forest, rising gently 550 feet (167 meters) to the top of the falls, formed in a narrow slice of the Little Firehole River canyon. The Beaver Ponds Loop trail, on the other hand, is for more experienced hikers, beginning with a 350-foot (107-meter) climb above Clematis Gulch. It’s a vine variety, so as long a you put it in a pot with a stake for it to climb up, it will be good to go. The spaces for these prime movers are also split, and controls are also backed up, with the intention of preventing a single failure from disabling the ship. While other incidents on the Great Lakes have resulted in more deaths, this one constitutes the single greatest disaster in terms of loss of life in the history of the Great Lakes. The extensive basaltic lava flows from the summit and some of the more than 100 flank cones and vents blocked drainage against the Tertiary Misaka Mountains on the north side of the volcano, forming the Fuji Five Lakes. Residents of rural East Texas, and even urban areas like Tyler, Texas, have grown accustomed to seeing alligators in rivers, lakes and swimming holes. These ants create nests in wooden areas that are moist and starting to decay, and cause damage by tunneling through the wood. How the ants accomplish this has long fascinated not only biologists, but also physicists and engineers. Wipe your counters, tables, appliances and jars with the solution to kill ants and prevent them from returning. God instructed Abraham to kill Isaac. Abraham is the father of Isaac and thus is not around for this story. Apollo was the god of light, music, and truth, and, like Abraham Lincoln, he could not tell a lie.

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The quote “Sometimes you have to lie. The quote shown above was said by Jafar from the movie, “Aladdin.” The Royal Vizier hated his position as the Sultan’s loyal companion and wanted the position of Sultan for himself. A tremendous uprush of hot air above the flames was driven by the chimney effect wherever constrictions narrowed the air current, such as the constricted space between jettied buildings, and this left a vacuum at ground level. He purchased the bridge for $2.4 million in 1968 plus shipping costs of around $240,000 and had it shipped to its new home, where it was reconstructed above a man-made channel. She supported her family by selling fossils she found on the Jurassic Coast near her home, and soon became notable within the field of paleontology. The three astronauts aboard Apollo 11 were heralded as heroes when they returned home, but it took incredible guts to get them up there in the first place. He paid the price when Jaime Lannister cornered Ned outside Littlefinger’s brothel and took him into custody. Her throne was strengthened by her marriage to her cousin Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840. Albert was very persuasive during the Queen’s reign. His aim was for a united Britain. This well-loved King ushered the Edwardian age of elegance. The Graces consisted of Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia, and represented several feminine traits, including beauty and elegance. The Acropolis has been many things throughout its history, including a center of religion, a mythical home for the gods and, now, a tourist attraction. Now, it’s become a popular tourist destination for fans. Now, add on her songwriting skills, which have resulted in dozens of innovative, intricate and beautiful tunes. Roman dictator Julius Caesar was reportedly stabbed to death by dozens of senators. Avyctes’ death was horrible, but that was just the beginning. So we’re going to quiz you on some of the books that made your childhood so amazing. Hades ruled over the Underworld, as well as the “Dead,” and the “Riches.” He was the child of Cronus and Rhea. Or that the York family inspired parts of “Game of Thrones?” Get out your thinking cap as we dive into the world of empires and birthright. You can’t watch “Game of Thrones” without understanding the lingo. True to many Fire Pro games, MMA is featured in the game and federations like Pride and The Ultimate Fighting Championship feature with fighters. It was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in June 2007. See another photo of Machu Picchu on the next page. So let’s do this and see how you fare! These days, brisket is considered the crowning item on any BBQ menu. When dried, it also serves as an ornamental item. The popular name also stood in for the letter “G.S. troops were sometimes an item for war-weary European girls. But mostly, “Item” was the word used to represent the letter “I. This is a prayer from “Prayer to the Holy Spirit.” As the name suggests, the entire passage is dedicated to the Holy Spirit to bring all of us light and love, as well as a happy life. It is different than Queen Regent, as that one inherited the throne by family. Just as with pro football, college football tailgating is a major affair. When Ann Wilson decided to cross the border into Canada to follow her draft-dodging boyfriend, her Heart bandmates followed. Ann happened to have a sister who could play. Really play. Nancy Wilson was in university at the time, but Ann managed to convince her sister to come north and join her. Raised on acoustic guitar, Nancy slung a ’63 Fender Telecaster in Lake Placid Blue Tele over her shoulder and made the transition.