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Not to worry, though: A new Big Tex has since replaced him, this time with fire-retardant clothing. This ruffled collar was quite popular in Western Europe around the time of Queen Elizabeth I (mid-16th century to mid-17th century). For a brief period in 1784, Trenton, New Jersey, served as the capital of the United States. Ponderosa on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. As she helped that lord obtain power, she committed wicked acts like burning his daughter alive as a sacrifice to their cause. Invasive fire ants cause $6.5 billion to the economy every year, not just to crops but to livestock and people who require medical treatment if the stinging bites get too bad. It’s estimated the corn earworm causes over $100 million in damage to crops every year, and that doesn’t even include the price of insecticides to try to control them. The distance between Earth and Mars is about 140 million miles. “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it? It is also easier to film a movie without having to make the occupants appear weightless. Out of the more than 3,000 mosquito species across the globe, the Anopheles is the only one known to carry and transmit malaria, a disease that kills a half-million people and afflicts more than 200 million others every year. Plus, she got to hang out with Picasso. When it finds a new one, it will dig a hole in the bottom for its body to fit in. Needless to say, they quickly went out of use once electric vacuum cleaners came on the scene. At any given point, the red nose is always pointing north. Considered the most lethal scorpion in the world, the Indian red scorpion’s sting causes severe symptoms, including cardiac distress, skin discoloration and pulmonary edema. Its natural habitat is the Indian subcontinent and it is considered to be endangered, with its population being just in the thousands. The country now known as the Philippines was part of the Spanish East Indies beginning in 1565, an area that included all of Spain’s islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Mayon Volcano is the Philippines’ most active volcano. The nation situated around the Ring of Fire was freed from Spanish Rule in 1898 and is now shown on maps as the Philippines. A doctor on hand was able to resuscitate Genesta when his assistants finally freed him more than two minutes later. She was only freed after repenting her sins and turning to the faith. Nuzleaf’s desire to frighten people can be seen in its first appearance in the Pokemon anime, “Turning Over a Nuzleaf.” It typically calls tropical forests home but will leave the cover to scare others. No one could play a game of manipulation better than Petyr Baelish, who spent most of the series turning characters against one another. Baelish used this manipulation to start the War of the Five Kings, which he hoped he could use to obtain the Iron Throne for himself. Taught to be cunning by her father, Cersei Lannister knew well how to play the game required to win the Iron Throne.

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While most participants in the game sought the Iron Throne at the expense of the common people, Varys was the only one who operated in an effort to protect those powerless subjects. Numerous psychics have studied the house and declared the property haunted by the victims of the murder, and strange phenomenon like falling lamps, flying objects and mysterious voices are supposedly common. We Three Kings” is about the three wise men who traveled to see the Christ child, bringing gifts. John Henry Hopkins Jr., a Pennsylvanian rector at an Episcopalian church, wrote the song in 1857.” These are the made-up lyrics to what classic Christmas song? The Old Testament gives riveting accounts of how the northern kingdom gained and lost kings through warfare, plots and assassinations. The soil in Kentucky is very rich, perfect for a species of grass that looks blue when it goes to seed – which gives the state its nickname, the “Bluegrass State.” Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in 1809? This quiz gives you the opportunity to discover for yourself just how much you know about the leading scientific figures. Known as isopods, there are still a number of similar but much larger creatures that live on the ocean floor. There are more than 85,000 square feet of extravagant mosaic inside this church that changes as the light hits it. This WWI Battle began when France and England invaded in an attempt to capture Istanbul. The Siege of Gibraltar was a failed attempt by Spain and France to capture Gibraltar from the British and cost the Spanish and French forces more than 5,000 men and dozens of ships. More than 30,000 lives were lost as the British attempted to capture Baghdad, only to be defeated by the Ottomans. The BMC ADO16 is a small family car that was introduced by the U.K-based British Motor Corporation. In the New World, Britain and France vied for control of resources and territory, and the lands of Canada weren’t exempt. Abraham was upset with Abimelech because one of Abimelech’s servants had violently taken the well. In Star Trek and Star Wars, spacecraft often accelerate from rest or sub-light speed to light speed or more in a matter of seconds. After four or more years, they probably get used to never having to take out the trash, wash dishes or change a light bulb, not to mention the other amenities afforded to arguably the most powerful people in the Western world. Originally in Roman mythology, she was an ancient Sabine goddess who was later identified with Nike and went on to become worshipped as a goddess of war. It was spotted by two married couples and described as a 6- or 7-foot tall man with wings and seen over a hundred times between 1966 and 1967. One prisoner who was put there screamed and screamed about a demon with glowing eyes, only to be found strangled to death the next morning. The smallest statues are just an inch in height, while the largest reach nearly 60 feet tall. A spider mite can reach sexual maturing in only five days and then spend the next four weeks laying up to 20 eggs a day. While other Pokemon evolve when they reach a certain level, Victreebel’s first form, Weepinbell, requires a Leaf Stone to evolve into Victreebel. Normal iterations of Graveler are Rock- and Ground-type, however when Alolan versions of Pokemon were introduced, the type pairing was changed. An example of Rimac’s previous work on vehicles includes a BMW converted to electric power — one that was capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96.6 kilometers per hour) in just 3.3 seconds and achieving a top speed of 174 miles per hour (280 kilometers per hour). Whenever something broke, Rimac designed and made his own parts, improving the car’s speed and reliability. Downshift from one gear to the next as quickly and safely as possible to help slow your speed when you’re going downhill, and look for a safe place to pull off the road where you can coast to a stop, either on an uphill shoulder or the end of a truck ramp. Robin Williams, the actor whose films touched the lives of most everyone in the Western world, would absolutely be welcome at any dinner party we’re going to throw; his incredible stand up comedy routines, along with the innumerable classic films he was part of, would have more than earned him a place at our table. The Pokemon pretends to be friendly and guide others around by being the light in dark areas, but it is actually drawing their life energy away from them and ushering followers to the Ghost World.

The next day she discovers that her roommate is dead and the words “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light” are written on the wall in blood. A loyal stable worker for House Stark, Hodor accompanied Bran Stark north of the wall to meet the Three-Eyed Raven. Seal cracks — That mismatched seam at the back of your cupboard might look like a minor structural flaw to you, but to an ant, it’s like a superhighway leading right to the best grocery store in town. So, you’ve sealed cracks around your windows, you keep the trash nice and tidy and you never leave food or dirty dishes sitting on the kitchen counter. After Jesus’ arrest, all of his disciples deserted him, even Peter, who swore he would never leave his side. There’s only one way to find out if you’re an American geography expert. Like its relative the brown recluse, the Chilean recluse spider bite causes necrosis of the surrounding area, which in severe cases can lead to death. Fortunately, the beetle has no way to bite or sting, so the only ways for the chemical to harm humans is through direct contact or ingestion. Can you help him? With a population of slightly over 32,000, its remote location is only accessible by air or by ferry. Can you tell who this is? Today, there are over 800 Pokémon, spread across seven generations. Today, erector set enthusiasts of all ages take part in erector set competitions and share their “builds” in online communities. John and Abigail Adams were the first presidential couple to live in the White House, taking residence in 1800, and Abigail has lingered ever since. In this urban legend, a couple notices a foul smell in their hotel room, only to eventually discover a dead body under their mattress. Just watch out for a foul ball. For lots more information about science fiction and related topics, check out the links on the next page. And at the end of the day, Find Bedtime Things with A. Mouse and get ready to dream about sugarplum fairies. Indiana became the 19th state in 1816. Residents chose its namesake, Indianapolis, to be the capital in 1825. The city is 368 square miles. Though it may be impossible to know what products they use or whether they’ve undergone plastic surgery, there are some celebrities that are just known for good skin, and we’ve got 10 of them on this list. They are perhaps best-known for their roles in the Sleeping Beauty and Rumpelstiltskin fairytales. The tomato hornworm is a large green caterpillar, up to 5 inches in length, that will also go after eggplants and peppers. Phoenix became the capital of Arizona in 1889. Arizona did not become the 48th state until 1912. It is the largest state capital (by population) in the United States. They are widely used in crops, such as citrus crops, to control the destructive mealybug population as a single mealybug destroyer larva can consume upwards of 250 mealybugs.” What is it? The damsel bug is a beneficial garden bug since it helps control the population of insects that can destroy your plants. According to staff and guests, Thomas’ ghost usually resides near the landing at the top of the staircase, while Anna’s stays downstairs or in the garden. Elsewhere, toy fads came and wents (yes you, He-Man) while sporting events were brought right to our homes and into our living rooms, live and in the best clarity ever seen.

It came into style in the 18th century when women’s dresses frequently featured a very low neckline. The bloomers are named after Amelia Bloomer, a women’s rights activist of the 1800s. Their style is based on traditional Turkish fashion. Massachusetts has come a long way since the first settlers from England arrived in the 1600s. The state advanced quickly, with the first subway system being implemented in the late 1800s. Of course, it was much different than the subway stations we know today! The song was on the band’s album titled,”Escape,” and did very well on the music charts in the United States and Canada. This event scarred Clegane for life, as he developed a deep fear of fire that forced him to flee from King’s Landing during a battle where the city nearly fell. Eat, drink and be merry is a shortened version of Ecclesiastes 8:15, “because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun. Psalms 72:9: They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust. From the dust He formed man and breathed life into his nostrils, and man became a living soul. 1,088 ponies that are capable of leaving a Ferrari in the dust. She’s Leaving Home” for “Sgt. Lennon and McCartney co-wrote this “Sgt. Pepper’s” song, which balances optimism and pessimism. We still get a thrill listening to all of “Sgt. Pepper’s.” Many a Beatles fan has spent a great deal of time poring over the cover art. Nirvana’s cover version of Scottish alternative rock band The Vaseline’s song of the same name. Nirvana’s 1989 EP, Blew. This 1989 threequel starred Sean Connery as Professor Henry Jones, Indiana’s estranged father. Blew is the first song on the band’s 1989 EP of the same name which was first released as the second single from their debut studio album, Bleach. The first clock tower on the Houses of Parliament grounds was built in the 13th century, and second replaced it less than 100 years later, though it was dismantled in 1707. For the next century or so, there was no clock tower on the site. Evidence of women using hand fans dates as far back as the 4th century BC in ancient Greece. Hole, Christina. “Haunted England: A Survey of English Ghost Love 1941.” Kessinger Publishing. How these artificial gravity fields are generated are unknown (remember, sci-fi writers are free to extrapolate). In many of the films, they are seen committing crimes ranging from committing fraud, theft and trespassing, to animal cruelty, torture, kidnapping and neglect, to arson, assault, destruction of property and putting curses on people to terrorism and the worst of them all – murder. He wrote that he once hired a beggar to walk around the town putting down and picking up bricks with a sober expression on his face. St. Sebastien is the subject of this painting called “San Sebastien” by Andrea Mantegna. California’s Governor Gray Davis was subject to a recall election in 2003, and the people voted to give actor Arnold Schwarzenegger the position. Did the orange stripe from the head across the back give it away? The state has some fun city names, like Hurricane, Eagle Mountain and Salt Lake City. One year later, they made their first appearance in Japan in Pocket Monsters: Red and Green, two video games for Nintendo. 2. “We Will Rock You” (Uses clips of Queen singing at Wembley ’86, Budapest ’86, Montreal ’81, Live Aid ’85, Japan ’79, Hammersmith ’79, Houston ’77, Buenos Aires ’81, Rio ’85, Milton Keynes ’82, and the original video. Sam Houston during the Battle of the Alamo in the 1830s. Obviously, you recognize at least the “Houston” part of Sam Houston’s name, right? Sam Houston led the Texas militia to victory against the Mexicans and General Santa Anna, who signed a Treaty recognizing Texas Independence to secure his release after he was captured.

New Hampshire was the first of the thirteen colonies to declare independence from England. An old Texas urban legend is that of The Candy Lady, who would leave candy on children’s window ledges. There are numerous versions of this urban legend, which is big in El Paso, Texas. According to legend, placing an onion half in every room of your home will ward away illness. The Archangel Gabriel sits with the Virgin, baby Jesus and baby John the Baptist in “The Virgin of the Rocks” by Leonardo da Vinci. Finally, mow the perimeter once again to remove any striped patterns and to clean up any mess you might have made. Pretend you’re taking a ride down to the Met or making a day of it at the Smithsonian, and hail a cab like on any typical day. The correct lyrics are: “Again I want to see and do the things we’ve done and seen.” The lyrics are from the song “Forty Shades of Green,” which was inspired by the country of Ireland. Despite this success, the band was broke at the time, largely due to a contract they had signed which meant that they would produce albums for a production company, who would then sell the album to a record label. Mary and Jesus are depicted in this painting called “Madonna in Glory with Seraphim” by Sandro Botticelli. The painting is called “St. Luke Painting the Virgin” by Derick Baegert which was completed in the 1400s. There are many paintings that depict the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, but where is Joseph? The Louvre, or the Louvre Museum, is located in the heart of Paris, France, and is home to works like the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and da Vinci’s The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. Gabriel is delivering some exciting news to Mary in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, “Annunciation.” This painting was created in the 1400s and is currently located in Italy. The Three Wise Men who came to visit baby Jesus are shown in the “Adoration of the Magi” by Leonardo da Vinci. You’ll have to look at the masterpieces of the greats such as paintings from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Michelangelo painted nine depictions of the Book of Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and more than 5 million people stare up at it each year. Throughout its decade-long run, production units exceeded more than 1.3 million. While most victims don’t die from the ant’s venomous sting, some people are more sensitive and can die within 15 minutes. Formed over 4.5 million years ago, Earth has a diameter of 7,918 miles. The story of Romulus and Remus is the story of the founding of Rome, and ancient Rome and its people were long-depicted with a symbol of the twins Romulus and Remus as infants being nursed by a wolf. In Judaism, he is the founding father of the Covenant, which is the belief that Jews are the Chosen People. But there is no mention of the Sinner’s Prayer, unless you look to the Father of Modern Revivalism, Charles Finney, and the evangelicals. I offer them for the intentions of our bishops and of all Apostles of Prayer, and in particular for those recommended by our Holy Father this month. Muslims all over the world are expected to face the shrine during prayer, and they are expected to visit once during their lives. After his resurrection, he appeared as a hideous beast with decaying skin who usually hid his face behind his helmet. Yet upon doing so, they revealed more face casts, this time of older men and children. The Israelites camped near Ebenezer to confront the Philistines in battle, but the Philistines overwhelmed Israel by killing approximately four thousand of their men. While their venom isn’t anything special, the fact that the bees are so aggressive and attack in forces that can exceed 100,000 means that they can easily take down any human unlucky enough to stumble near its nest. Growlithe may appear cat-like, but this Pokémon actually falls into the Puppy classification. They may start off easy, but they’ll get trickier! Join her to find Nutcracker characters so they can take their bows. Find the Nutcracker characters among the flowers to they can take their final bows. There are lots of funny flowers in this magical garden. Camellias consist of as many as 300 species with shiny, deep green leaves and generous, fragrant flowers. But in other parts of the world, even the green leaves that come with the flowery head are also consumed and cooked just like any other leafy green veggies. Dr. Seuss children’s book about a strange creature who refused to try eating green eggs and ham. While North American garden snails are considered pests for eating plants, Giant African Land Snails are actually kept as pets by some people.

Bellsprout gets its nutrients through the soil and from eating insects. Large organisms, including humans, are made of many small cells and use circulatory systems to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells and to remove carbon dioxide and wastes from them. The mushrooms survive by getting nutrients from the Pokémon’s body. No surprise here, but this Pokémon’s diet is mostly made up of moss-covered rocks. Pikachu is one of Pokémon’s most memorable and well-known characters, and is even the star of several Pokémon movies. This is generally accounted in stories by the use of some translation device (such as Star Trek’s universal translator and the Babel fish in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”). The moon landing is among the most celebrated events in American history; it was the thrilling end to a Cold War-era space race and a testament to grit, endurance and the desire to find out what was in the furthest reaches of our galaxy. McCartney wrote “I’m Looking Through You,” “We Can Work It Out” and “You Won’t See Me” in response to arguments he had with his then-girlfriend, Jane Asher. Looking back, it’s quite clear that women have come a long way! Next up on her beauty counter is Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation, which provides an even tone and coverage in the event that Cruz does experience a bad skin day (we’re guessing such things happen rarely). “There’s not a lot of things to do I wouldn’t rather do with you-guess I’m funny that way. Just don’t get him talking about Nixon, alright? It was named to reflect the new concord, or peace agreement, between two neighboring towns. They did this by attacking radar installations and British airfields between July 10 and October 31, 1940. Inexplicably, they changed their focus point to London and other towns shortly after, just when they had the RAF on its knees. A final default judgment came down in October 2014, and the judge ordered Dogge to pay Teller $15,000 plus $530,000 in attorney fees, and banned Dogge from performing “Shadows” in the future. People have seen Abraham Lincoln’s ghost ambling down the halls and staring out of windows. 1 on the charts in multiple countries. I don’t know the name. In 2002, Nicole Kidman won an Academy Award for her role as Virginia Woolf in “The Hours.” The following year, Charlize Theron won the same award for playing Aileen Wuornos in “Monster.” Both roles required the gorgeous actresses to change their appearances; Kidman wore a prosthetic nose and Theron donned fake teeth and makeup designed to give her splotchy, freckled skin. That’s because the Bible is as much about the relationships between people as it is about the relationship between God and humankind. The wave vibrates certain hair cells in the inner ear, which transmit nerve signals to the hearing center of your brain and you sense the sound. Regardless of whether you were getting Mrs. Doubtfire Robin Williams or Good Will Hunting Robin Williams, he’s one man whose energy and exuberance would make him the life of the party. These eco-friendly energy savers used to be standard laundry day equipment. The washboard was once a very commonplace laundry item but its use declined rapidly with the invention of electric washing machines. Electric washing machines were advertised in newspapers and used as early as 1904. However, Alva J. Fisher has been incorrectly credited with the invention of the first electric washing machine called The Thor. And believe it or not, these friendly folks sometimes respond to threats by building massive tank divisions and other technologically-advanced machines of war. If a driver were rear-ended, the gas tank could suffer a lot of damage. On January 29, 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his “vehicle powered by a gas engine.” This patent – number 37435 – is widely regarded as the birth certificate of the first automobile. The Ford Pinto’s compact, bulbous design was on the cutting edge of the 1970s market, but the gas tank was put too close to the back of the car. In some instances, the tank caught fire and exploded!

Oslo was founded as a simple trading post in 1040. Destroyed by fire in 1624, it was renamed Christiania in honor of King Christian IV, then modified to Kristiania. Brenda Lee first recorded this upbeat Christmas song, written by Johnny Marks, in 1958. It’s notably featured in “Home Alone,” when Kevin tricks the would-be burglars into thinking there’s a party! But if you’ve ever heard a chilling bump in the night when you’re home alone, ghosts might not be such a leap of faith. The Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Animals and Led Zeppelin would also make the leap across the pond to become radio and TV sensations. Moves like Jagger.” That’s a reference to the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, if you didn’t know.” We finna play this bop rn, so can you name this song? The Pantheon is a classic example of Ancient Roman architecture. Located in Norfolk, England, the stately house is said to have a special guest stop by every spring. Barnum soon acquired horses and wagons and hired a clown and an African-American singer to join his troupe, dubbing it, “Barnum’s Grand Scientific & Musical Theater.” They traveled the American South until the next spring and then disbanded. The really small and cute ones usually tossed in a salad are called cherry tomatoes while the large ones you see included inside sandwiches are called the heirloom kind. Spray the liquid into ant nests or set it in a small container as bait. The dive turned out to be a 44-foot (13.4-meter) jump to the ground from a platform above Central Park. There is a very high level of wealth inequality in the United Kingdom, but the income distribution curve is actually flatter than many people realize, with the higher tax brackets kicking in relatively low compared to the much less-equal United States. Make sure your layout lines are level by using a water level or a line level. Denver became the capital in 1867, with Colorado becoming the 38th state in 1876. It is located exactly one mile above sea level. On June 25th and 26th, 1876 at the Battle of Little Bighorn, General Custer led U.S. Then again, maybe a murder-themed B&B could be a big draw for people with a little morbid curiosity, but they’d need to have strong stomachs; the crime that took place at the house was so horrific that it changed the house forever. The correct lyrics are: “Now the only things a gambler needs is a suitcase and a trunk.” They are from “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals. With a family to take care of and little money to go around, he was desperate. A relief fund was set up to assist distraught families and to care for injured children in future years. God promised Abram that all families of the earth would be blessed in Abram. Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was written before geologists knew anything about the internal structure of the Earth or plate tectonics, so you can suspend belief and enjoy the story. Mary, Did You Know” is a popular Christmas song written by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene. The song poses a series of questions to Mary, asking her if she knew what her son would one day accomplish.” Do you know what song this is supposed to be? That’s twisted, bruh. Can you name this song? Andrei Rublev was a Russian artist who created this work in the early 1400s in Moscow where it remains today. This painting’s artist was Raphael, and other religious figures in the painting are Elijah and John.

The escape artist used a trick setup to free himself after his assistants had elaborately locked him up. Distributing the keys this way unfortunately meant that when his assistants realized that something was actually wrong, chaos broke out in the audience. Here’s how the trick was supposed to go down: a large box comes up from under the stage, and Blacksone’s assistants show you that it’s completely empty. It’s the site where Jesus was crucified, and it also holds the empty tomb where he was buried and resurrected. Many thousands of laborers spent approximately 20 years assembling this 2-million-stone tomb. Jesus rose from the dead after he was in a tomb for three days. Within each of these categories can be found three of the twelve signs. Movies like “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid,” “The Lion King,” “Moana,” “Frozen,” “Pocahontas” and “Mulan” have often been called the best where music is concerned. The organism is perhaps thousands of kilometers across, much larger than the Enterprise. Adam Lambert announced a North American tour taking place from July to August 2019, called The Rhapsody Tour. The Battle of Britain saw the German Luftwaffe try to destroy the Royal Air Force, thus paving the way for German troops to invade Britain. Those suspicions were confirmed when a neighbor saw Lalaurie chase a child of a slave through the courtyard, into the house, onto the roof. When Jesus came to stay at Mary and Martha’s house, Martha stayed busy cleaning and cooking, while Mary just sat and listened to Jesus’ words. As of 2022, Queen Mary 2 is the only ocean liner (as opposed to a cruise ship) still in service. The Virgin Mary becomes blessed with the Holy Child Jesus Christ in this painting called “The Immaculate Conception” by Bartolome Esteban Murillo. The current Queen of Britain is Elizabeth II, full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. The name “sea lily” is primarily used to refer to the adult form of the organism. The films “2001: a Space Odyssey, ” “2010: The Year We Make Contact,” and “Mission to Mars” all depict this type of artificial gravity correctly. You’ll be installing the square frames in every other “space” using the string line grid as your guide. We love sci-fi movies, TV shows, novels and short stories. Sound only resumes when Bowman manages to close the airlock and let it fill with air. Each vibrating air molecule passes its vibration on to the next air molecule between the bell and your ear to make the sound wave propagate. The bones of the middle ear transmit this vibration to the inner ear, where the vibration sets up a standing wave in the fluid of the inner ear. It’s your call. You also can also paint them when the concrete sets and hardens. The temple was covered in gold in 1830. Can you name the religion? Naylor wrote a horoscope for Princess Margaret upon her birth. Rest assured, no matter where Mr. Murray is, there’s something interesting going on. However, he was humbled after his sword fighting hand was cut off, diminishing his skills substantially. The hand fan has been a fashionable female accessory for centuries. At the battle against the Philistine army, David had to remove King Saul’s heavy armor, telling him, “I cannot go with these; for I have not proved them.” Instead, David took his staff and chose five smooth stones with his sling in his hand. Found in the dairy aisle, this smooth packaged food was invented in 1918 by the Monroe Cheese Company before being sold to Kraft. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working: She and husband Ashton Kutcher have the same smooth skin. She appears onscreen and on the red carpet with glowing, healthy skin. The family had also invited Lena and Ina Stillinger, friends of the Moore family children, to spend the night at the Moore house following the event. The next morning, a neighbor noticed that the Moore residence was suspiciously quiet. Typically, on a Sunday morning, you could watch “Bonanza” or one of the religious shows. The film shows the explosion and subsequent propulsion of Bowman from the airlock in total silence. French settlers occupied the area in the late 1600s, which led to the French culture that you can still find in the state today. Reliant Motor Company. Its eccentric design has allowed it to feature heavily in British pop culture.

Scyther’s most prevalent feature is its two scythes that it has on its arms. Dedicated in 1932, it’s one of the few state capitol buildings to feature a gold-tipped dome. Many musicians, including the legendary Johnny Cash, were born in the state. Legend has it then when Napoleon passed through Haux, France with his army back in the 1800s, he loved the local omelettes so much that he requested the locals make him another one the next day. Salome was one of the women who ventured to the sepulchre at the rising of the sun to anoint Jesus’s body because the Sabbath had passed. It was built right after the Norman invasion and designed to send a message to rowdy Saxons that rising up was not permitted. One of the world’s rising trends in the fashion industry is asymmetry. Plus, just look at that fashion sense! As far as fashion goes, there have been periods in history devoted to certain styles. He’s spoken of as a fine lord, far preferred to the Freys. In Disney’s “The Black Hole,” a spaceship crew goes through a black hole and ends up in another place far away. Snow White might have been Disney’s “it girl” in 1937, but Cinderella became the popular new princess in 1957. With 11 official princesses now – Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Merida, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana – Disney’s love stories are loved throughout the world. Disney’s “Frozen” is one of the highest-grossing films of all time, raking in nearly 1.3 billion at the box office. Will you be right 100% of the time, or will you need to grab a map and reacquaint yourself again? Whether you’re from sunny California or spacious Oklahoma, you’ll need to think back to geography class to ace this quiz! Originally built for the Crawley family in 1884, the Monte Cristo Homestead initially seemed like an ideal setting for the family and its growing fortune, but that soon changed when one of the Crawley’s servants dropped their infant daughter down a staircase, killing her. Orange Is the New Black” has become Netflix’s most-watched original series. It first dropped in 2013 and ran for seven seasons, with its final installment dropping in the summer of 2019. “The boss is an idiot, the workers are clueless, elaborate pranks and feuds abound. The Office” ran on NBC from 2005 to 2013. It’s currently the most-watched TV show on Netflix; however, it’s slated to move to a different streaming platform in 2021. A superhero. And a good man. But it’s hard for a good man to be king. Doing what’s right will take all his power.” Which Marvel blockbuster is this describing? Platform shoes are most recognizable for their thick soles, with some lifting the wearer up to 16 inches off the ground. Lady Gaga isn’t going to smash into the ground. A team lowers the coffin into the ground and fills the hole up with dirt. United Press International. “Magician Killed Attempting Coffin Escape Trick.” Los Angeles Times. Her body was buried in an aboveground coffin in the eastern wing of Rose Hall. Tim Matheson is perhaps best known for his portrayals of the smooth-talking Eric “Otter” Stratton in the comedy film National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) and of Vice President John Hoynes in the NBC drama The West Wing. President Jimmy Carter was under immense pressure to resolve the crisis.

The U.S. and President Kennedy suffered a major humiliation in 1961 with the Bay of Pigs Invasion. President ultimately took the blame for Operation Eagle Claw, a failed attempt to rescue hostages in Iran? In “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” three teens skip school and drive around Chicago in a 1961 Ferrari 250GT. Then as they attempt to roll back the odometer, the car crashes through a window and is totally ruined. Operation Eagle Claw was an attempt to rescue the hostages in 1980. It ultimately failed and left eight American soldiers dead, with the hostages still firmly under the control of the radical kidnappers. The Aetos Dios — “Eagle of Zeus” — was a giant, golden eagle, that according to Greek mythology had once been Periphas, the mortal king of Attica, before Zeus changed him. After you’ve found all the party animals, can you spy (with your eagle eye) my other animal friends? Eventually, he featured animals, including grizzly bears, giraffes, orangutans and a rhinoceros. Made of tin, composition or cardboard, these simple mechanical toys took the form of farm animals, human figures, carnival rides, horse-drawn carriages, and, a bit later, cars, trucks and airplanes. South Africa was part of the Commonwealth, but their entry into World War II was not that simple. The ice box, or cold closet, was a simple and efficient insulated kitchen device found in most kitchens before the days of electric refrigerators. The trick basically used an elevator to raise Dellanos out of the floor inside of the mirrored box, but her cape got caught. Both the automotive industry in the United Kingdom and the automotive industry in the United States have managed to climb their way up from humble beginnings, struggle through adversity, and come out experiencing success. The name “Aurora” literally means “dawn.” Through Zeus, she accidentally turned one of her lovers into an insect. And they provide regenerative braking functionality, which means that some of the power from deceleration is captured and reused, which improves efficiency. But God prevented a Philistine victory, and the Israelites defeated the Philistines. In Greek mythology, Nike wasn’t a brand of shoes — she was the goddess of victory, and often depicted holding a palm branch. Until 1850, most shoes were made on straight lasts, with absolutely no difference between the right and the left shoe. After diving straight toward the ground, Blaine was supposed to fly away on magical balloons just before impact. Canadian nurses strode straight into combat zones to save wounded soldiers during WWI. Once infected, nothing can be done to save the plant. It is rumored that “I Dream of Christmas” was recorded by the band, though nothing has ever been confirmed. The riverside city of Perth is located in central Scotland and sits on the River Tay. It is the largest church in Italy, but St. Peter’s Basilica (the largest in the world) sits in the country of Vatican City, which is contained within the city of Rome. The land of ancient temples like Angkor Wat, Cambodia was known as the Khmer Republic from 802 through 1431, when the country took on the name Cambodia. The 10 places on the following pages have certainly filled that bill, boasting enough symptoms of otherwordly presence to become the world’s most notorious real-life haunted houses. As the other lords of the North argued over the wildlings and other disagreements following the battle with the Boltons, it was Lyanna Mormont who spoke up for House Stark. Ramsay Bolton gained a reputation as a tyrant who would flay his enemies alive to keep a tight grip over those who followed him. Juicy” by The Notorious B.I.G.” What song is this? What is your favorite lyric from the time? With the advent of smartphones and handheld reading devices, e-books, or electronic books, have become a popular way to read one’s favorite writers. Definitely not. After all, one could just have read a book. In truth, the Beatles were inspired by childhood memories, books they read and other everyday experiences. But we won’t ask you about the books. Belanger, Jeff. “The World’s Most Haunted Places.” New Page Books. Challenge older kids to find the extra objects located at the bottom of each page. You can even buy a high-end hoop online made out of ash or hickory if you want your kids to try the activity at home. Jackson’s ghost is rumored to hang out in the Red Room as well.

Where Cresselia is able to create pleasant dreams, Darkrai is known to go into dreams and cause its target to have constant nightmares. Despite their size, they’re pretty good at hiding from predators since they look so much like leaves. They will feed on them, causing the leaves to wither and die. Typically, sting victims only die if they are allergic. Their tales have been told and retold for literally thousands of years. The land now called Ethiopia was dubbed the Kingdom of Abyssinia in the 13th century. Spit jacks have been in use since before the 16th century and although they were once commonplace, they are not a part of the modern kitchen. In 1899, Canadian troops ventured to the South African War. Found throughout Central and South America, the human botfly often manages to lay its eggs on mosquitoes. Two days later, both France and Great Britain, true to their word, declared war on the powerful Nazi war machine. Hitler was furious and stripped Hess of any authority within the Nazi party. Vijayenthiran, Viknesh. “1,088-HP Rimac Concept One Electric Car on Sale for $980,000.” Motor Authority. Rocking horses are still available for sale today. One is anticipated to be for sale by the end of 2015, with a projected production run of only 88 units. This drastic method of creating firebreaks was increasingly used towards the end of the Great Fire, and modern historians believe that this in combination with the wind dying down was what finally won the struggle. In 2010, Forbes Magazine named Harrisburg the second-best place to settle down. You may disagree with our choices. Beatles’ troubles while recording “Abbey Road” and is part of a medley. Once a thriving hub for the railroad industry, the town has seen its fair share of financial troubles. With her fair skin, Kidman could easily burn. In fact, it was supposed to be dismantled and taken to Spain after serving its purpose at the 1889 World’s Fair. Neuschwanstein Castle is the thing that Disney dreams are made of, serving as the inspiration for the castle in “Sleeping Beauty” and also being used to draw ideas from for Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle. Once known as Byzantium, it was renamed Constantinople in 330 and kept that name while serving as the capital of the Roman, Latin and Ottoman Empires. When you’re ready to give your mind a run for its money, get started on this quiz, and see if any of these name changes are enough to twist your brain into a knot. The trick involves a very specific setup and series of moves to give the illusion that Teller is pruning a flower by “cutting” its shadow rather than the flower itself. To give you an edge, we’ve offered up the state within the question. We’ll answer the last question first: “Yes, definitely!” Science is essential to any work of science fiction; in fact, it separates science fiction from fantasy or other works of fiction. Echo and the Bunnymen’s 1984 song “The Killing Moon” remains a mystifying track that explores the question of fate versus free will. Okay, what song is this? Charles Darwin’s theory on evolution was heavily criticized and rejected by most of the religious community when it was first released. The Elephant Butte Dam and Reservoir project brought settlers to southwest New Mexico in the 1910s. They established a town called Hot Springs, thanks to the many geothermal pools and springs in the region. After a few minutes, Burrus essentially called for a time out, because one of the chains was choking him.

You’ve probably heard about ancient structures, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Parthenon and the Pantheon, but why were they built, and what religions worship them? Associated with love in Ancient Greece, which fruit has over 7,500 varieties throughout the world? She controlled fate, so even the other gods themselves respected her. When jealous rivals of Daniel trick Darius into issuing his decree, it also condemns Daniel to death. Bites can cause intense pain, muscle cramping, severe nausea, and in some cases, especially involving children and the elderly, death. A typical ant bite can cause pain and discomfort, but bites from a fire ant can lead to difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, nausea and dizziness. Capable of reaching lengths up to an entire foot, Amazonian giant centipedes are fairly aggressive with a venomous bite. And, in case of an outrageously expensive crash, front and side airbags will deploy and a safety disconnect system will kick in. Essential oil diffusers and candles will be a thing of the past if you grow lavender. Years later, the lawn mover became the essential purchase of many homeowners. You can also purchase rubberized vinyl, similar to the heavy-duty flooring you see at the school gym. You can purchase various life-size pieces. Can you help me find Santa Claus? It’s the night before Christmas, and all through the town, A. Mouse is looking for signs of Santa Claus. Looking for more to explore in Russia? What you probably forget about is Russia! Then, in a flash, Marie and Prince Nutcracker are back in a snowy scene — Russia. Russia’s snowy landscape is next for Marie and Prince Nutcracker. In the next scene of The Nutcracker, Marie ventures out into a winter wonderland. First find Prince Nutcracker, then search for the many fantastic animals hiding in this beautiful wintry landscape. Diana Spencer became Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981. The pair divorced in 1996, but Diana remained an icon. Later that night, Marie returns downstairs to discover a battle raging between mice and soldiers. Because of this, when its rock breaks, it won’t relax until it finds a new rock to replace the old one. Yes, ice cream is most def a delish treat, but that’s not what Oasis was singing about in “Wonderwall.” This song is kinda old or whatever, but there’s never a bad time to listen to it. Olympia, Washington rests approximately an hour from Seattle, and it’s much smaller. Instead, it’s believed they play a part in mating rituals and holding prey. The Reliant Regal is a small three-wheeled car that was introduced by the U.K. That’s over two decades of creatures to choose from! With the newest generation of the universe coming out, now is the perfect chance to see if you’re up to date on your Pokemon knowledge! Can you find the Arabian items as you explore the scene? Let’s see if you can “clean up” by getting all of them right in the quiz! One, however, is a whole different story. Can you file these animals away into their correct phylum? Humans are a species of mammals that belongs to the phylum Chordata. Not only is it the largest species of elephant but it is also the largest land animal that is alive today. Only the Israel tribes of Benjamin and Judah remained loyal to Rehoboam, and these two tribes comprised Israel’s southern kingdom. Joshua prepared Israel to cross the Jordan River after spies returned from Jericho with a good report. The elders of Israel agreed to transport the Ark of the Covenant from Shiloh and bring it to the battleground so that they might gain victory.

This room held the Ark of the Covenant. In room 212, none of the dead had been burned; the children who perished, as well as their teacher, all died of smoke inhalation. The respectable people who wouldn’t dare be seen entering a theater would fill the American Museum’s Lecture Room to see the same entertainment. Like several other of the haunted houses that mysteriously apparated onto our list, you can stay at the Villisca Ax Murder House — if you dare. So step into the Canadian Rockies if you dare. Canadian children are delicious. Godfather Drosselmeier has brought the children a special present — a nutcracker he has made himself. The incident strengthed Castro’s hold over Cuba and helped spur the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, Daenerys ended up falling in love with the man she was sold to and eventually overcame her brother’s hold of her. Daenerys Targaryen was sold by her brother to the leader of the Dothraki in exchange for their help in his return to Westeros. The Prodigal Son is definitely present in the painting, “The Return of the Prodigal Son,” by Rembrandt. Jason Nesmith that the NSEA Protector must go through a black hole to return to Earth. While there, Joshua dreamt of a ladder grounded from the Earth that reached to heaven where the angels of God ascended and descended it. His model determined that the planets revolved around the sun, but he still believed that the sun orbited the earth. Saint Peter himself is believed to be buried beneath the site. However, it was only in 1913 that refrigerators for home use were invented. In its history as an independent country, the United States only tried to invade Canada once, during the War of 1812. The Americans expected that the Canadians would welcome them with open arms — instead, Canadian and British forces sent U.S. Most of those medals went to members of which branch of the military? The government awards the Victoria Cross sparingly, offering its honor only to the most valiant of its military. Many of those troops died with valor — 64 of Canada’s roughly 100 Victoria Crosses were awarded due to WWI actions. Only 94 people have been awarded the Cross. Linus Pauling was twice awarded the Nobel Prize, once for chemistry and the other for peace activism. Such results would be nearly impossible to produce with current chemistry sets, which replace acids, explosives, and poisons with nonvolatile ingredients for growing crystals or making long-lasting bubbles. American chemist John J. Porter is credited with creating the first toy chemistry set in 1914, and erector set inventor A.C. They were an evolution of the hobby horse, a horse’s head mounted on a stick which was used to practice jousting – and became a toy in its own right. Finally, top it all off with the fact that she can wield a guitar like few others (not to mention play mandolins, flutes, pianos, et al). The confusion stems from a version of the book discovered by Italian journalist Enza Massa that cites Nostradamus as the author, despite the fact that we have no evidence Nostradamus could paint or draw. And while old-school model trains may seem too complicated or time-consuming for today’s busy lifestyles, model railroad displays at museums and outdoor gardens still draw huge crowds, especially around the holidays, keeping us every bit as mesmerized as those first model train window displays must have done. First published as a book in 1812, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was a hit for Disney in 1937. The animation was so intense that over 750 artists were employed to draw the film’s slides. Ernest Rutherford died in 1937 due to complications from a hernia he had ignored for years. Complications include paralysis of the diaphragm, difficulty breathing, muscle aches, and nausea. If promptly removed, the Australian paralysis tick doesn’t pose much of a health threat. However, he was very much known for his wit, which was the main reason he was sent to train with the maesters at the Citadel. Let’s look at an example of a spherical cell with a radius (r). Instead of using limestone, they opted for softer brownstone materials. If an antique was originally well-constructed with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship and design, it will still have high value today. High Hopes” by Panic!” Can you name this song? Weightlessness causes many adverse effects; short-term effects include nausea and vomiting, while long-term effects include bone loss, muscle atrophy, fluid loss,and anemia (see How Weightlessness Works).

Indiana ornamental tree spider bites can result in tenderness, muscle spasms, profuse sweating, joint stiffness and tightness of the chest. As a result of this, the array in which organisms are found in each phylum is oftentimes very diverse when it comes to things like their habitats, their physical features, and more. This will result in a horde of hornets descending on you. The species tends to be aggressive when it comes to its nest, especially in late summer, and will release a pheromone indicating to other hornets that the nest is under attack. That said, convoys were still easy targets for both aerial and underwater attack. Luke Skywalker leads a group of Rebel X-wing fighters in an attack on the Imperial Death Star. In an episode of the original Star Trek series titled “The Immunity Syndrome,” the Enterprise encounters a gigantic single-celled organism resembling an amoeba. The core of the collapsed star becomes so dense and the gravitational forces so great that nothing, not even light, can escape. There’s a reason the Spanish refer to the Battle of Annual as the Disaster of Annual; it was a major blow to Spanish forces. One of the smallest states in the country is Delaware, which is commonly called the “Diamond State.” Bob Marley even lived in the state at one point in his life. Every kid ends up being asked to memorize a list of state capitals back in elementary school, but being able to spout off the capital of a certain state years later can be quite a challenge. In 1927, the company was sold to the Kraft Company, and the cheese was packaged as the Velveeta we know and love today. Did you know that this piece was painted during the Italian Renaissance? Since there’s a lot that’s “weird” about circus acts, we chose to include facts about its origins and legacy that may surprise you. For a city of just over 116,000 residents, that’s a lot of visitors! The ant is found in coastal regions of Australia and has over 90 varieties. While often not deadly, if the larvae pick the wrong place to burrow, like the ear, things can get complicated. The different sizes it can be found in are Small Size, Average Size, Large Size and Super Size. About the size of your thumb, the Asian giant hornet is responsible for over 40 deaths and 1,600 injuries every year. When she finally emerged, Tenko continued her act for 30 minutes despite her debilitating injuries. Despite his love for her, Daario obeyed her wishes and remained in Meereen. Odysseus faced both, and despite losing some of his crew, made it out alive. Christ is on the cross in Peter Paul Rubens’ painting, “The Elevation of the Cross.” It was painted in the early 1600s and it is laid out along three panels found in the Cathedral of Our Lady. Born in 1643, Isaac Newton worked his way up into the higher echelon of British society. Named Southern Rhodesia in 1898, then simply Rhodesia in 1965, the country now known as Zimbabwe didn’t get its current name until 1980. In the Shona language, Zimbabwe refers to either stone houses or the houses of nobles and other high-ranking members of society. The society was renamed the Max Planck Society in 1948 to honor the contributions of Planck. Later it was changed to Gyeongseong, and the Korean capital was renamed Seoul in 1948. In a nod to its past, Seoul’s rail system includes many Gyeongchun lines, such as Gyeongbu which runs from the capital to Busan. If you’re ready to test your knowledge, start this quiz and see how deep your curiosity runs! However, scientists certainly have one important component that they share with the rest of the community, and that is curiosity. After arranging with a theater to share profits, Barnum approached Roberts and offered to employ him. As Michael Landon mentioned on the “The Tonight Show”, (NBC-TV, March 10, 1983), Greene wore his modest frontal piece in private life too, whereas Roberts preferred not wearing his, even to rehearsals/blocking. It could be London’s most recognizable structure: Big Ben is housed in Elizabeth Tower, which rises above the Palace of Westminster along the River Thames.

D. As for the parental tone, that is a trademark of Lorne Greene who portrays Ben Cartwright. Eric “Hoss” Cartwright was portrayed by Dan Blocker. In 1968, Blocker (Hoss) began wearing a toupee on the series, as he was approaching age 40 and losing hair. Hysteria began the year before when local teens accused others of practicing witchcraft. Dolliver, Mark.”Mark Doliver: Friday Pilates.” Adweek. Diehl, Daniel. Donnelly, Mark. The largest city in the entire state, Jackson is home to a historic blues district and the hospital that performed the world’s first lung transplant in 1963. It has a connection to Daniel Boone. This legendary U.K. sketch show debuted in October of 1969 on the BBC but didn’t catch on in the U.S. The Jaguar XJ is a full-size luxury car that was introduced by the U.K brand, Jaguar Cars. Hannibal Hellmurto swallowed several different swords during his act in the March 2012 “Circus of Horrors” show in the U.K. The Battle of Adwa took place just outside the city of Adwa, Ethiopia in March 1896. It was a decisive victory for the Ethiopians, who were successful in fighting off colonization by Italian troops. Any dates between 1 January and 25 March have their year adjusted to start on 1 January according to the New Style. British Christmas carol with a folk style. You’ll just have to reassure yourself that New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and you’re sure to keep your resolution to abstain from all unhealthy things going forward. Break out your United States map – you’ll need it to get through this quiz! Since 2000, Henri has presided as Grand Duke of Luxembourg, a small European grand duchy. For many of us, a “Tarot card reading” means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, foretelling impending doom. However, this was by no means the first device to heat water. Currently, the only known means of producing artificial gravity is spinning the astronauts in a wheel-like environment. Spinning wheels are believed to have originated in India around 1000 C.E. All four brakes are ventilated ceramic discs, with 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston calipers in back (so, maybe the driver won’t go spinning off the track). It’s sometimes shortened to only four letters. Maine’s capital of Augusta rests about 35 miles from the Atlantic Ocean along the Kennebec River, and it’s home to the country’s oldest wooden fort that dates back to 1754. Named Fort Western, it was once home to a British military outpost.S. They can primarily be found in areas of the Western Atlantic Ocean. The loss of Newfoundland and Acadia restricted the French presence on the Atlantic to Cape Breton Island. Symptoms include increased blood pressure, seizures and loss of consciousness. Symptoms include paralysis and respiratory distress. Considered the world’s deadliest and most venomous spider, the Brazilian wandering spider’s venom causes paralysis that can lead to death. With venom as toxic as the Sydney funnel-web spider, some varieties of the mouse spider are capable of killing humans, though serious cases are rare. The dangerous species include: the Sydney funnel web spider, the Blue Mountains funnel web spider and the Northern and Southern tree funnel-web spiders. The Black and Yellow Garden Spider is also called the Yellow Garden Spider, the McKinley Spider, the Zigzag Spider or the Corn Spider. Different kinds of garden vegetables also have their respective nutritional value, as well as some value-added health benefit that may have been recently discovered. They were water nymphs, ruling over fountains, as well as goddesses of childbirth and prophecy. St. Augustine is pictured in this painting, called “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” by El Greco. The multi-headed serpent called the Lemaean Hydra is a mythological creature in both Greek and Roman mythologies, and battling the beast was nearly impossible because its heads would grow back if lopped off. Born Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong, she was nevertheless called Dido – the queen of Carthage in Roman poet Virgil’s epic, “Aeneid” – throughout her childhood. Saint Peter is filled with sorrow in this painting called “The Tears of Saint Peter” by El Greco. It evolved into a game called rounders, and some say rounders eventually morphed into the base-oriented game we know and love today. All Wheel Torque Vectoring enables each wheel to operate independently, and it also eliminates the shift time lag that every spirited driver dreads. Many people think the wheel is a primitive invention that has existed for a very long time. This myth actually grew out of the life of Raymond Robinson. In 2006, Litvinenko died by radiation poisoning.