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Theoretically, when the universe was formed, there should have been equal amounts of matter and antimatter; however, our universe consists primarily of matter. Suddenly everyone will rally around to cheer on the genius mind out of which this wonderful new gizmo exploded fully formed, overnight. In 2000, NSYNC wanted to see you “out that door” aka to dip. There are a few other religious figures depicted as well, such as Madonna, better known as Mary, and John the Baptist. According to urban legend, if you leave a tooth in a can of Coke overnight it will dissolve completely. I tried to warn you from the start you must be careful of my kind.” The lyrics are from the song “Borderline,” which is also called a “musical whodunit,” released on his album titled “Rainbow. The song was later re-recorded in November 1991, and released on December 14 & 15 1992, for the band’s compilation album, Insecticide. The Virgin Mary is shown in a different way in “L’Innocence” by William Adolphe-Bouguereau. Jesus is shown laying in the arms of his mother, Mary, after his death in this sculpture known as “Pieta” by Michelangelo. The giant forest scorpion is the largest species of scorpion and it belongs to the phylum Arthropoda. But if you want something more exotic than moisturizer, perhaps you’d be interested in leech therapy? Yet upon doing so, they revealed more face casts, this time of older men and children. There were also a series of raids deep into New England by French and Indian forces aimed at securing captives. The Canadians won their objective, but it cost them thousands of casualties. You can set your scoffing aside and forget the stereotype that Canadians are polite to a fault and will do anything to please other people. The larval leaf miner will eat through the tissue of leaves in a pattern that can be easily seen and looks like someone scribbled a long, winding path all over it. Currently, the only known means of producing artificial gravity is spinning the astronauts in a wheel-like environment. In the time of “Star Trek”, antimatter is common or commonly produced; we assume that humans have found an inexpensive method of producing antimatter by that time. And if you covet Cruz’s lips, you can reach for Colour Riche Star Secrets in Penelope’s Red. The school had one fire escape. The current school of thought is that Arthur was based on a mix of either mythological or historical figures, or that he was solely a product of imagination. See if you can help A. Mouse find school supplies in our next Christmas game. The painting is about the subject of putting Jesus to rest after his crucifixion. This we pray through Christ our Lord. You can tell the difference between a true bug and another type of insect by their mouth parts – true bugs only suck liquids from the plants they feed on. Omastar is a prehistoric Pokémon with a beak-like mouth full of sharp points. This is why the gods continue to capture our imaginations – and of course, it’s why you’re surely so familiar that you’re going to score full marks on this quiz! The angel Raphael is not in his story, though. Adam is found in this painting called “The Disputation Over the Most Holy Sacrament” by Raphael. He joined the ranks of his fellow co-stars Roberts (Adam) and Greene (Ben), both of whom had begun the series with hairpieces. The “Creation of Adam” is depicted on the ceiling and is one of the most famous paintings in the world.

John Harris – equipment supervision

Neil Fairclough – bass guitar, backing vocals

Mick McKenna – second recording engineer


Many of their paintings dealt with the subject of religion and stories from the Bible. You’ll have to look at the masterpieces of the greats such as paintings from Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. You’ll see Bartholomew along with the other apostles of Jesus in “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. Saint Jerome is depicted in this painting by Leonardo da Vinci, also titled, “St. Jerome.” It is currently located at the Vatican after changing through various famous hands since its creation. Saint John the Baptist is shown as a child with Jesus in this painting called the “Panciatichi Holy Family” by Bronzino. In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. This Pokémon is known for being very vicious. But you won’t do that, will you? Can you name the Pokémon shown here, which is known for shooting water or ink whenever it’s in danger? It’s easy to see why knowledge of Prince Harry on the front lines might put him, and his regiment, in danger. Put your world knowledge to the test and match the famous landmark to the religion. Music City, USA is only one of Nashville’s nicknames. One species, the cabbage looper, gets its name because it moves like an inchworm, forming a loop with its body before extending forward again. You’ve probably heard about ancient structures, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Parthenon and the Pantheon, but why were they built, and what religions worship them? In the ancient Roman religion, deities were grouped into triads, each including three deities for worship — and, during the history of ancient Rome the grouping changed three times. The Sept of Baelor had been a significant landmark in King’s Landing as the main place of worship for citizens. Beatty’s main body encountered the crippled Cöln shortly after turning north, and she was sunk by two salvos from Lion. The main subject of this painting is Belshazzar who is hosting a grand dinner here. Mary is shown in another painting which also shows her son, Jesus. The Sugar Plum Fairy and all her subjects are there to greet them. While most participants in the game sought the Iron Throne at the expense of the common people, Varys was the only one who operated in an effort to protect those powerless subjects. Unlike Houdini, though, who died after a punch to the gut ruptured internal organs, Burrus died in front of an audience while performing a stunt. The limestone wall stands a bit more than 60 feet tall and spans 1,600 feet. Next, we’ll look at how science fiction has handled lasers, sound and aliens.g. Next, Marie’s Christmas travels will take her to Spain. Maybe you can even fill in the blanks to the lyrics of “Landslide.” The songs and artists you know and love will all show up on this quiz! Due to such a heavy shell preventing it from catching any prey, Omastar is thought to be extinct. Other land-based arthropods use their deadly talent to kill prey, whether it be small animals or other insects, through poisonous stings or paralyzing bites.

Out of the estimated 1.2 million scorpion stings that occur each year, less than 1% of them result in death. Sea creatures aside, “Mr. Brightside” is actually about how “it started out with a kiss.” The Killers are obv puzzled about how it ended up, but can you imagine how much more cray things would have been if it started out with a fish? The Sixth Sense” held the record for the highest-grossing thriller until 2017 when it was beaten by the movie “It.” The film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. “An uber-ambitious public worker lights a fire under her apathetic colleagues. Who is Alan Turing? Barnum drew from every sort of popular entertainment of the time, including musicians and dancers, jugglers and ventriloquists, giants and little people, trained dogs, automatons, puppet theaters and even American Indians performing ceremonies. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t born in Springfield, but he moved there in 1837. Every year, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum welcomes over 300,000 visitors. Famous for hanging out in firehouses, which dog breed is born completely white? Hop Sing was portrayed by Victor Sen Yung and appeared in 102 episodes between 1959 and 1973. Sen Yung made his first significant acting debut in the 1938 film Charlie Chan in Honolulu, as the Chinese detective’s “number two son,” Jimmy Chan. When the rebel forces destroy the Death Star in “Star Wars Episodes IV” and “VI,” each Death Star goes out with a loud explosion. George Harrison wrote “Within You Without You” after hanging out in India with the sitar player Ravi Shankar. Each player begins with 16 pieces: eight pawns; two bishops; two rooks; two knights; one queen and one king. The Queen certainly imbibes! A man who often oscillated between deranged lunatic and intimate, articulate social commentator, Thompson’s antics and insight would be sure to entertain and enlighten so long as you were able to keep the notorious party animal sitting long enough to hold a conversation. The four-eyed butterflyfish gets its name because of the eyelike dots ringed with white appearing near the tail. It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” after Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” The lyrics ramble in a stream of consciousness.” If you can name who sang these lyrics, you’re a true ’80s music fan! A potter’s name or initials may be incised into stoneware. Cabbage Worms are any of several species of moth larvae that feed on members of the cabbage family like broccoli or kohlrabi. He steals roses from the Beast’s garden. Different kinds of garden vegetables also have their respective nutritional value, as well as some value-added health benefit that may have been recently discovered. And the goddess Aura is the personification of the breeze — usually a fresh, early morning breeze. Despite what may seem to be similarity or overlap, Trivia was not the Roman incarnation of the Greek goddess, Hecate., who was the goddess of the witchcraft, the harvest moon, and of three-way crossroads. Robinson, who lived from 1910-1985, was badly disfigured in an accident as a child, so he went for long walks alone at night when no one would be around. One look at the name of the next house on our list and you’ll immediately know why ghosts plague its residents. After more than two centuries of being listed on maps as Edo, from 1603 through 1868, the name Edo was changed to Tokyo as the city became the capital of Japan in 1869. Today it’s known for its towering skyscrapers, its hip Harajuku district and a huge number of cherry blossom trees, which bloom in the spring to the delight of locals and visitors. Did you notice the lamb that Mary holds along with baby Jesus in her arms? King William I of Scotland very much believed in their existence when he added the unicorn to the Scottish royal coat of arms in the 12th century. Nirvana cover version of Scottish alternative band The Vaseline’s song. They get the name because, when they appear from hiding, they tend to eat the first part of the plant they find; the stem.

The 1571 Battle of Lepanto was one of the largest naval battles in history, and one of the last to primarily rely on rowing vessels. The Battle of Stalingrad in Russia was one of the biggest battles in the history of war, with an estimated 2.2 million troops participating. As the other lords of the North argued over the wildlings and other disagreements following the battle with the Boltons, it was Lyanna Mormont who spoke up for House Stark. George III ruled Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 until 1830. During his reign, Britain fought France in the Seven Years’ War. The next day she discovers that her roommate is dead and the words “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light” are written on the wall in blood. Queen Bey tells the dudes, if they’re really into a woman, they should present them with a dripping ring. He represented Cambridge in Parliament, was elected president of the Royal Society, and was knighted by Queen Anne during his lifetime. In the wake of WWI, as warplanes became a bigger part of combat, Canada formed the Royal Canadian Air Force. Once part of the Inca Empire, the South American country now called Colombia was discovered by Spain in 1499 and dubbed New Granada during the 16th century. Spain was a colonial powerhouse in the 16th century, claiming land across the globe. They were concerned about boundaries and governing authority in the northern and southwestern frontiers of the English colonies, which stretched from the Province of Carolina in the south to the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the north, with additional colonial settlements or trading outposts on Newfoundland and at Hudson Bay. The name Ethiopia was sometimes used over the years, but this current name didn’t become official until the country won independence from colonial rule in 1941. Lucy, one of the earliest hominid skeletons, was unearthed in 1974 in Ethiopia. Can you name this town? Little Rock was upgraded to city status in 1835, but Arkansas statehood didn’t happen until 1836. Little Rock is currently the most populated city in the state. Nightcaps were used as a means of keeping the wearer’s head warm while she slept. Entomologists prefer to call ladybugs ladybird beetles or just lady beetles because a ladybug isn’t actually a true bug. Blister beetles produce a substance called cantharidin that they emit when threatened. If horses eat hay that has even a handful of blister beetles in it, they could actually die. One wind-up musical merry-go-round that sold for 79 cents in the 1920s carried riders around and around on little carousel horses and pigs. Rocking horses are still available for sale today. Modern wood or plastic versions with snap-together tracks and smiling TV character engines are still lots of fun to play with, but they don’t hold the same fascination for us as the detailed replicas that came before them. This is because the songs go so well with the different tones that are represented throughout the movie. Nevermind. Written by Kurt Cobain, the song’s lyrics addresses the people outside of the underground music community who became fans after the band’s debut album, Bleach. Blew is one of the only songs from the Bleach era that remained on the group’s live setlist throughout their performance history. They numbered 50, maybe more, and were the daughters of the sea-god Nereus, called the “Old Man of the Sea” by Homer, and his Oceanid-nymph wife, Doris. Finally, a publicity stunt or promotion designed to increase trade or tourism can lead to a city or town being renamed as part of a rebranding effort. Whether they were the remains of the love-struck nun remains unknown, but they were given a Christian burial all the same. Vallejo, Benicia, Monterey and San Jose all spent time as California’s capital. The capital city is smaller than a lot of other Texas giants, but it has a feel all its own. You may have never considered your potential to run for president someday, but being a lot like him may be a sign that it’s time for you to throw your hat into the ring. It’s the closest to the sea, and it was the spot that the White Walkers chose to break through the wall.

And that’s why Mate Rimac chose to work with them. Indiana became the 19th state in 1816. Residents chose its namesake, Indianapolis, to be the capital in 1825. The city is 368 square miles. There is a civil and state ensign, used on ships and non-government buildings, which is rectangular. Madison, Wisconsin’s location is one of the most unique locations of any capital. That’s not all, as it was also home to mountain man Grizzly Adams and his grizzly, Benjamin Franklin! The name doesn’t sound right. Their bullet catch method was a little bit different from Chung Ling Soo’s. Black, Annetta. “Morbid Monday: Chung Ling Soo & The Bullet Trick That Went Horribly Wrong.” Atlas Obscura. AP in Paris. “‘William Tell’ Stunt Goes Wrong.” The Guardian. Madame Lalaurie herself, having fled to Paris was never brought to justice for her crimes. The Eiffel Tower was not supposed to be a permanent Paris attraction. The famed tree in Montenegro is at least 2,000 years old and is a bit of a tourist attraction. Start by finding a fun or funky wall frame that’s at least 24 inches tall. 1997 and produced two sequels – “Men in Black II,” which was released in 2002, and “Men in Black III,” which was released in 2012. It also spawned an animated series in 2001 and a spin-off film, “Men in Black: International,” in 2019. Can you tell us which one it is? When radio host Ralph Edwards promised to broadcast his game show “Truth or Consequences” from the first town to change its name to the show’s title, Hot Springs was happy to oblige. The Pantheon is a classic example of Ancient Roman architecture. However, he was one of the first people to criticize Galen, a Greek physician, who used animals as evidence when he first discussed the practice in the 2nd century. Evidence may have been planted. And while old-school model trains may seem too complicated or time-consuming for today’s busy lifestyles, model railroad displays at museums and outdoor gardens still draw huge crowds, especially around the holidays, keeping us every bit as mesmerized as those first model train window displays must have done. While his mother tried to suppress his killer nature by keeping meat away from him, she was unsuccessful and he ended up craving human flesh and committing murders in shark form. The spider’s venom is capable of breaking down red blood cells and eating away at human flesh. A bat is capable of eating well over 1,000 mosquitoes per hour and between 6,000 and 8,000 in a single night. They’re called “rust flies” because the leaves of the plants they eat turn a rusty color as they die, and they leave rust-colored tunnels under the skin of whatever they’re eating. Nuzleaf’s desire to frighten people can be seen in its first appearance in the Pokemon anime, “Turning Over a Nuzleaf.” It typically calls tropical forests home but will leave the cover to scare others. Anti-Catholic laws were in place, and priests were told to leave the country. Yet, David told the king, “I cannot go with these; for I have not proved them,” according to the book of first Samuel. Although the war was considered part of the legend of ancient Greece, modern research has uncovered clues that suggest there may have been a real war at the time when the Trojan War is estimated to have taken place. The land of ancient temples like Angkor Wat, Cambodia was known as the Khmer Republic from 802 through 1431, when the country took on the name Cambodia. Roman style and named Aelia Capitolina. He journeys to a lost African Kingdom with his ward, Leo Vincey, where they encounter its inhabitants and their immortal queen, known as She. Published in 1988, the book revolves around a young Andalusian shepherd boy who, following a recurring dream, journeys to Egypt in hopes of finding treasure there. The exact geographic location of many holy sites isn’t an exact science, but this mountain in Egypt is assumed to be the location where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. They were driven back by the Ottomans and eventually withdrew their forces into Egypt. Many people refer to the general military as CAF — for Canadian Armed Forces. DVD sales and rentals began to decline while the service’s membership grew, and by 2013, the company reportedly had more than 29 million streaming customers. There were no due dates, late fees or shipping costs – your monthly membership included an unlimited number of rentals that you could watch and return at your leisure. After Elimelech and her sons died, Naomi decided that she would return to Judah. Daenerys Targaryen was sold by her brother to the leader of the Dothraki in exchange for their help in his return to Westeros.

If you spent so much time in Westeros you feel like you could be a travel agent there, then this is the quiz for you. A good portion of the traveling in Westeros takes place on the Kingsroad because it’ll take you all the way from Castle Black to King’s Landing and then down south to Storm’s End. It’s supposed to cover the Kingsroad all the way from King’s Landing to Storm’s End and meet up with the Roseroad somewhere as well. From the Land of Always Winter all the way down to Sunspear in Dorne, along the Kingsroad or the River Road, the Wolfswood to the Kingswood. Storm’s End is where you’ll end up if you follow the Kingsroad all the way to the end of the line. Finding the line at which viewers are unwilling to suspend their belief can be tricky. For example, a hydrogen atom is composed of a proton (a positively charged particle) and a much less massive electron (a negatively charged particle). On Long Island, for example, an affordable housing complex called Arbor House has an outdoor fitness park with a jumbo chessboard and pieces standing 4 feet (more than 1 meter) tall. It’s a highly complex system with hundreds, if not thousands, of moving parts and interconnecting strands. Instead, they rely on a system of branching tubes called trachioles to bring air close enough to each cell in their body and rely on diffusion of air through these tubes. One. Experienced auto industry types have shown they aren’t a good fit for the company’s approach (with the exception of the head of the sales department, who joined Rimac after working with Tesla Motors). World War II consumed nations all over the world, and Canada was no exception. It’s Earth that’s the exception. So, the Earth would experience the same gravitational attraction to the Sun if it became a black hole as it does now. If you consider yourself a glorified human Pokedex, then let the 40 questions of this quiz prove your skills. That’s a high-end material that pops up in plenty of sports and performance cars, but for the most part, it’s used pretty sparingly and conspicuously because it’s so expensive that it might as well be woven out of money. The toy cabinet at my grandmother’s house was filled with model cars, miscellaneous wind-up toys, and a strange little cylinder that made a noise like a cow when you turned it upside down. In 1976, Xerox PARC came up with a working model of the Xerox Note Taker, but the machine was not available to the public. All-terrain armored transports were first used in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back,” where we find out that they’re impervious to blaster fire and thus need a more creative way to be fought. Between 1900 and 2016, most earthquakes of magnitude Mw ≥ 8.0 occurred in the Ring of Fire. Which nation was once part of the Spanish East Indies? King Omri’s Samaria spanned from Dan to Bethel, and from Ammon and Syria to the Mediterranean. The Red Keep is home to the King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms (or six, depending on your timeline) in King’s Landing. Of the eight planets in our solar system, seven get their names from Greek and Roman mythology: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. If you’ve completed all these Nutcracker Christmas games, take a bow yourself. Psalms 72:9: They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust. The fictional king unites various regional British kings against common enemies and fights off countless invaders.

The Aetos Dios — “Eagle of Zeus” — was a giant, golden eagle, that according to Greek mythology had once been Periphas, the mortal king of Attica, before Zeus changed him. No word on whether or not the Lannisters enjoyed any of that. Bell bottom pants (or simply bell bottoms) became a favorite of fashionistas in the 1960s. Since then, they have enjoyed a resurgence in almost every decade. Since then, November 11th has been celebrated as Remembrance or Armistice day in Britain. Closer” by The Chainsmokers. The band had a good thing going on their own, but then, getting Halsey on this track took this bop to the next level. That woman is a KWEEN.” Big mood right here, but what song is this? This story gave rise to a Jewish tradition whereby the groom must see the bride before the wedding ceremony and put the veil on her himself, so he can check that she is the right woman! It’s estimated the corn earworm causes over $100 million in damage to crops every year, and that doesn’t even include the price of insecticides to try to control them. All parties lost major territory, ceding the Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula and the West Bank to Israeli control. The U.K.-based British Motor Corporation first introduced the Mini, a small economy car, in 1959. It is notable for not only being one of the best-selling British cars of all time but it is also widely regarded as one of the most influential cars in history. Anytime anyone has to take a boat to or from the North in “Game of Thrones” they’re going through White Harbor. The escape artist used a trick setup to free himself after his assistants had elaborately locked him up. Part of the answer has to do with preconceived cultural associations. Many homes, buildings and public spaces have oversized chessboards. A tree grows through the center of it that used to be where pirates were hanged. The older this Pokémon gets, the longer it grows. 4 r2. As the cell grows and r increases, the volume gets much larger than the surface area (volume is a cubic function of r, while, surface area is a square function of r). Cole, Bruce. “‘Not Just a Chair’ A Conversation with Leigh Keno about Reclaiming our Past.” Humanities, September/October 2002, Volume 23/Number 5. National Endowment for the Humanities. The hoop skirt (or hoopskirt) was used to add volume to a dress. Flowers are meant to add beauty and whimsy to gardens, homes, tables, windows-anything you can think of can be made better with flowers. How could we not add this epic soundtrack to this quiz? A Dance with Dragons” is the fifth installment of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Published in 2011, the book was adapted for the fifth season of the HBO series “Game of Thrones. Although the “Sixteen Candles” soundtrack isn’t his most well-known, it is pretty epic. Back to the Future” soundtrack – “The Power of Love” and “Back in Time.” Anyone who’s seen the movie will remember the scene where Marty plays Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode. Read on to find out how you, too, can beat your courtiers on a chessboard that will make your home into a mini-palace. With the speeds, as well as its tail, it is able to create tornado-like storms. It is famous for its defensive features, including a patrol route for launching stones at intruders, as well as walls as thick as 15 feet in places. Nonetheless, the faces have engendered much skepticism. The Scottish treat known as tablet is a bit like solidified fondant, and not wholly unlike fudge – and it is delicious, as long as you have a VERY sweet tooth. The circus encountered trouble along the way, including butting heads with local clergy who objected to their show. While in India meditating with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Lennon had trouble sleeping and also missed Yoko Ono. Barnum published a notice of Vivalla’s talents in the Albany papers and sent copies to theater owners, but with little response; the act wasn’t unique, so Barnum had trouble selling it. But the worst was when a mob nearly lynched Barnum in Annapolis, Maryland. This myth claimed that oranges imported from Libya had been injected with HIV positive blood and posed a major health risk. While it’s a farfetched theory, at least one psychic, Edgar Cayce, claimed that this area is a portal to the lost city of Atlantis. Austria, at least as a country that used that name, dates all the way back to the year 996. It’s perhaps no surprise then that such an old country has some pretty old landmarks in it like the world’s oldest zoo. Canada’s maple leaf flag is one of the most recognizable in the world, but it’s not that old. Denmark has been flying the same flag since 1219, making it hands down the oldest flag on any flagpole out there. Install the first frame on one corner of the chessboard and work out from there. Apostle Paul wrote in a letter to a pastor, Timothy, that what is the root of all evil?

Diffusion is the movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. Insurances companies, constant bellwethers of risk, don’t see the area as more dangerous than other parts of the ocean. Read on to find out more. While Paul says something similar in 1 Corinthians 9:22, “I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some,” it may be attributable to (Saint) Aurelius Ambrose, who was one of the four original teachers of the Roman Catholic Church in the 4th century. Apostle Paul says this in Philippians 4:13, but we miss the proper context — finding comfort and support in Jesus, rather than achieving or prospering — because we never quote the entire quote: I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. Together, these men created hits like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Lithium,” “Dive” and “Drain You.” But being a fan means so much more than knowing the names of their songs- it’s also knowing the words to them. On the darker side, an illusion that doesn’t work out can cause severe injury or even death. His rich, deep, authoritarian voice quickly propelled him to prominence as Canada’s top newscaster. He began acting while attending Canada’s Queen’s University, and after graduation got a job in radio broadcasting. In 1775, Canada’s pesky southern neighbors, the Americans, decided to invade, a conquest that ended badly for the warmongerers. In less than an hour of fighting, the British lost 2,000 men, compared to just 70 Americans, who were fighting under the command of Andrew Jackson. It not only houses the bed of President Andrew Jackson but his ghost as well — people say they’ve heard it walking around the room. After Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered in their Fall River, Mass. The evil Maleficent was so furious that she didn’t get an invite to Princess Aurora’s christening that she cursed the girl to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep. Jubilation, she loves me again/I fall on the floor and I’m laughing.” They are from “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkel which was released on their album titled, “Bridge Over Troubled Water. The idea here is that the released Pokemon will lead Ariados back to its group. Heathers” became an instant cult classic when it was released in 1988. It has since spawned an off-Broadway musical. Do you know which one? “Piper Chapman doesn’t deserve her prison sentence. One pretty usable — it’s not intended to be a garage queen. From the third season on, the Cartwrights and nearly every other recurring character on the show wore the same clothing in almost every episode. Typically, on a Sunday morning, you could watch “Bonanza” or one of the religious shows. Unfortunately, the town of Swastika, Ontario, was unsuccessful in changing its name to Winston during World War II, to honor Winston Churchill. When baby Pokemon were introduced in Generation IV, which Pokemon was the first to be shown to the public? The original Dodge Charger is a 2-door fastback that was introduced by the U.S.-based Chrysler Corporation. And despite Mate Rimac’s deep and open admiration of Nikola Tesla, he doesn’t consider Tesla Motors a factor in, or a motivation for, his company’s potential success. After studying the Inuits, he introduced concepts about how history shaped the culture and innovations within a society. More than 1 million men and women served during the war, creating enormous challenges in Canadian society. Join her in exploring all this Russian scene has to offer.

Russian author Leo Tolstoy. Stieg Larsson, a Swedish author and journalist. For cells, diffusion works most efficiently over short distances (1 to 100 microns, 1 micron is 1 millionth of a meter). The steam engine was not really invented – it was developed over a period of 100 years by three British inventors. Turkish delight has been popular in the UK for well over a hundred years and is often eaten in the winter months, especially at Christmas. These easy-to-use Nutcracker Christmas games provide plenty of options for play, as you can enlarge the image right on your computer screen, or download the game as a printable PDF for family fun anywhere. Opened to the public by Queen Victoria in the 1800s, Hampton Court Plaza now hosts events ranging from concerts to ice skating. What’s he doing at the skating rink? Fleas are capable of doing much more damage than simple skin irritation. Famous for its marble and its horse carriages, Concord, New Hampshire has been the capital since 1808. Contrary to popular belief, it did not get its name from a type of grape. The first chapter of the Old Testament book of Jonah at the first through second verses records God’s command to Jonah. Are you familiar with the most common ones, grown and utilized in most parts of the world? As a Pokémon lover, you’re likely more than familiar with the first of these creatures. In Greek mythology, Centaurus was the father of a race of mythological creatures known as the centaurs. The things these little creatures can do is simply mind-boggling. Long before iPad, Dr. Dre, and Spotify, headphones had little to do with music. According to some versions of the myth, placing half an onion in a jar next to your bed while you sleep will cure you. The investigator, Harry Price, is credited today as being one of the first “ghost hunters” for his use of cameras, fingerprinting kits and other measuring equipment. His would-be bride suffered an even worse fate, being walled up within her convent and left to die. As one might expect, Kangaskhan can only be caught in Australia. Guy Fawkes was actually caught on the night of November 4th. However, since people only heard about the plot the next day, the celebrated date is the fifth. In this game, help A. Mouse find bedtime things and some silly night sights. Kangaskhan is modeled after a kangaroo, which explains why it is a regional Pokemon in the popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. Perhaps that’s why some have stuck around after their terms — and lives — ended. When millions of people from all cultures and walks of life share a birthday, can there be a common thread? Word is it took them 5 whole weeks to film that scene and the budget was in the millions. Millions and millions of people around the world eat fast food every day. However, back in the day (by “the day,” we’re talking about the 1960s), the selection of television shows was pretty much limited to three channels, and that’s if you were lucky. To protect his people, he fought against the Night’s Watch before eventually joining them to fight the Army of the Dead. In this urban legend, a couple notices a foul smell in their hotel room, only to eventually discover a dead body under their mattress. He died in 1924, but his embalmed body is still on display in Moscow’s Red Square for all to see. In the mid-1800s, the Naval Academy was created in the state and is still around today. It was actually built by the production team in an old quarry north of Belfast in Ireland. Christmas pudding is not served as often as its fans might like, but it usually pops up at Christmas lunch. Remember that, like, year when Lady Gaga’s music was everywhere? Wait, do you remember when she was engaged to Pete Davidson for, like, 30 seconds?

By law, slave owners were expected to keep slaves well fed, clothed and cared for, but a series of incidents made some of Lalaurie’s peers think the socialite was, at best, neglecting those duties and possibly much worse. A “Star Trek: The Original Series” universal translator. Can you picture those iconic dresses and those hats which went oh so well with their popular bob hairstyle? One is a worthy object of lust, but young, aspiring car designers should pay attention to Rimac for yet another reason. There’s a reason the Spanish refer to the Battle of Annual as the Disaster of Annual; it was a major blow to Spanish forces. If you don’t feel like carving or cutting a chessboard into your lawn, there’s no reason why you should. Attach a string to the screws and run a grid pattern from one end of the chessboard to the other end. Louis wasn’t playing on an ordinary chessboard. Fans soon started analyzing – and overanalyzing – the lyrics, looking for hidden meanings and even playing tracks backward to find supposedly subliminal messages. According to one estimate, the hobo ranks swelled to 4 million adults and 250,000 teenagers between 1929 and World War II. Thanks to so many adults in the Mormont line dying off, for a good portion of the series Lyanna Mormont, a 10-year-old girl, is the head of House Mormont on Bear island. J. D. Salinger, is a classic novel initially published for adults. 12th century, is a historical novel which depicts the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. Its natural habitat is the Indian subcontinent and it is considered to be endangered, with its population being just in the thousands. Few towns are located so far north but Mole’s Town is one of them. Santa Fe’s proximity to Mexico has given in a long-time advantage for being a market and trade hub. Spanish missionaries built the church in what is now Santa Fe, New Mexico. Can you find Santa? Can you find these railroad items? At a school holiday party, help A. Mouse Find School Supplies and some unusual school characters. In our next game, find holiday travellers making their way to their own Christmas celebrations. In our next game, search the shopping mall for last-minute Christmas shoppers. In our first game, look for people celebrating Christmas with A. Mouse. Traditionally, a Yule log was a chunk of wood that would be burned at Christmas for a lovely warm home. Dolls from the 19th and early 20th centuries were built to last for a girl’s entire childhood, but their hard, painted faces, usually made of wood, poured wax or composition (glue mixed with sawdust or wood pulp) make them unlikely to rival an American Girl doll for a modern kid’s affections. Unsurprisingly, this meant that a lot of people worshiped them very hard, because falling out of their favor could have absolutely dreadful consequences, and you didn’t even have to wait until the afterlife to experience them. With no brakes and plenty of hard, sharp angles, these metal toys may not live up to today’s safety standards, but we’d bet that wouldn’t stop any kid who had the chance from hopping on to take a ride.

So, Baby Boomers, if you think you remember the lyrics that defined your generation, this is your chance. To give you an edge, we’ve offered up the state within the question. Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, became the official capital of Hawaii in 1845. However, Hawaii did not become the 50th state until 1959. It also is the largest city in the state. State capitals come in all sizes, and they’re not always the most populated or well-known cities in their states. Come take a look at this quiz, then! As a result of this, the array in which organisms are found in each phylum is oftentimes very diverse when it comes to things like their habitats, their physical features, and more. The earthworm is a tube-shaped invertebrate that belongs to the phylum Annelida. The cuttlefish is a marine animal that belongs to the phylum Mollusca. The Portuguese man o’ war that is shown here is a marine animal that is classified into the phylum Cnidaria. Despite being injured and sitting out that Super Bowl, quarterback Carson Wentz (shown here) returned to his rightful position the following season. Saint Sixtus II, who was also a Pope at one time, is shown in this painting called “Sistine Madonna” by Raphael. St. Catherine is the star of this painting called “St. Catherine of Alexandria” by Raphael. Jesus is here with a few disciples in this painting called “The Supper at Emmaus” by Caravaggio. Luke does some fancy flying, fires his weapons, lands his torpedo in the vent, and, with a loud explosion, the Death Star is no more. Luke Skywalker leads a group of Rebel X-wing fighters in an attack on the Imperial Death Star. As the story goes, Jason set sail with a group known as the Argonauts, which included Castor and Pollux, Heracles, and Orpheus among others, to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the (mythical) land of the Kingdom of Colchis. Another potential Roman source is Aurelius Ambrosius, a leader who is said to have led the British to victory against the Saxons twice in the sixth or seventh centuries. Napoleon’s reign came to an end at the Battle of Waterloo, which took place in what is now Belgium in June 1815. At Waterloo, the French leader and his troops were soundly defeated by British and Prussian forces. French writer Jules Verne and considered to be one of his greatest works. These low-heeled fashion boots first came into style in the 1960s. The white mid-calf version is often referred to as the Courrèges boot after French fashion designer André Courrèges. In the fashion industry, a style that’s behind the times and past its prime would be referred to as being passé. That’s where this slow-motion magical mess began. Finally, mow the perimeter once again to remove any striped patterns and to clean up any mess you might have made. Finally, some historians suggest that the name “Arthur” wasn’t a name at all, but a title, as the “Arth” character in Latin can also mean “bear.” With this implication, Arthur could have been just about anyone. Can you name this song? Though much of the castle itself was CG, the location where they put the stronghold was actually filmed in a place called Meteora, Greece. Naval Academy in Maryland’s capital, but what name would you look up on a map? Part of the Austro-Turkish War in the 18th century, the Battle of Karansebes took place in what is now Romania. If you see any in your garden, chances are it’s just the females as the male mealybugs are small, winged insects that don’t spend much time on plants at all. Walk into a doctor’s waiting room or a fancy restaurant, and the chances are good you’ll see a saltwater aquarium filled with vibrantly colored fish.

If you think you’re ready, let’s see if you can walk the line and ace this quiz! By the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. The Harpies were what’s called hybrids: They were most often depicted as birds with female human heads, or as ancient Roman poet Virgil described them, “bird-bodied, girl-faced things they are.” They were considered the spirits of the wind, specifically sudden gusts — and they were also called “the hounds of Zeus” because were dispatched by the god to bring him things — and people — from among the mortals. The ancient Roman temple dedicated to all the major Roman deities was called The Pantheon, which means, “honor all gods.” Since the 7th century, the building has been used as a church — and it’s considered the best-preserved of all the remaining ancient Roman structures. Situated south of mainland Australia below the Bass Strait, the island of Tasmania was originally called Van Diemen’s Land in honor of a powerful Dutch governor. In 105 AD, Ts’ai Lun, a government official in China, became the first to start a paper-making industry. New South Wales Government. Jackson, Mississippi is often called the Crossroads of the South. Canada’s welcoming reputation belies centuries of armed conflict with its immediate neighbors and with foreign powers around the world. On Sept. 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland and kicked off World War II. On December 8, 1941, the Japanese invaded the Philippines, resulting in one of the most significant military losses in U.S. After American troops intercepted Japanese radio signals and learned of the plans, they were able to defend Midway and sink four Japanese carriers. Japanese magician Princess Tenko – real name Tenko Hikita – is tough as nails. Gotta name ’em all! The Eyrie was located in the Vale and is home to House Arryn and its super weird family. Saint Basil’s Cathedral was constructed in the 16th century under Tsar Ivan IV but has undergone renovations and additions since then. The body is constructed entirely of carbon fiber. Rimac opted for carbon fiber because of its exclusivity as much as its strength and light weight. Large organisms, including humans, are made of many small cells and use circulatory systems to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells and to remove carbon dioxide and wastes from them. Most cells are spherical or cuboidal. In addition to short distances, cells need a large surface area for diffusion to be efficient. Our planet’s atmosphere extends to about 53 miles above the surface. Apollo 11 made history when it landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. American astronauts Neil Armstrong, “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins brought back the world’s first samples from another celestial surface. After all, as Buzz Aldrin said on “The Simpsons,” second comes right after first. The negative buzz meant that when it was time for Blaine’s televised dive, he was already on slippery footing. David Blaine’s magical mishap also aired on live television, this time during his very own ABC special. Blaine’s failure was less a spectacular flub, and more a slow burn. There are more than 85,000 square feet of extravagant mosaic inside this church that changes as the light hits it. The state has some fun city names, like Hurricane, Eagle Mountain and Salt Lake City. We could go on and on about Salt Lake City’s Mormon-based history, but we think it’s much more important to mention the city’s love for Jell-o. For most of sci-fi movie and TV history, aliens had to be played by human actors in alien costumes. You had to know we weren’t getting through list this without including a Beatle, and at that point the real question becomes…

The Dii Consentes was a list of 12 major Roman deities, split into six gods — Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Vulcan, and Apollo, and six goddesses — Juno, Vesta, Minerva, Ceres, Diana, and Venus. She also eats a simple, healthy diet that includes bran cereal, salads, fish and lots of fruits and vegetables. Located somewhere beyond the Wall, the cave of the three-eyed raven is where Bran learns more about his creepy sight powers and also where we finally learn what the deal is with Hodor. A special Fire Court was set up from February 1667 to December 1668, and again from 1670 to February 1676. The aim of the court, which was authorized by the Fire of London Disputes Act and the Rebuilding of London Act 1670, was to deal with disputes between tenants and landlords and decide who should rebuild, based on ability to pay. Dragonair has the ability to change the weather. They’re obviously the most famous kind due to their ability to pollinate plants and produce honey. Like bees, they live in a hive-like nest with a queen, but unlike bees, wasps do not produce honey. In “The Physics of Star Trek,” Lawrence Krauss points out that it takes far more energy to produce antimatter today than you get from the annihilation reactions of this antimatter. So, what happened to all of the antimatter? Otto Frederick Rohwedder was an American inventor, engineer, and the first person to create the bread-slicing machine for commercial use in 1928. So, in fact, sliced bread has been around for less than a century. So, of course, they made a movie about him playing basketball against aliens. Of course, how you define a military disaster depends on which side you’re on. Although death is unlikely to occur in human sting victims, there are an array of accompanying unpleasant side effects, like muscle convulsions, incredible pain and heart palpitations. She has a heart attack from seeing Snow White alive. Based on what has been seen of game play, Sobble appears to attack its opponents while remaining hidden in the water. It proved nearly impossible to preserve the painting, but it’s still visible today after several restorations. Though it may be impossible to know what products they use or whether they’ve undergone plastic surgery, there are some celebrities that are just known for good skin, and we’ve got 10 of them on this list. Better check your jealousy at the door; the folks on this list are real stunners. As a matter of fact, the budget for the film almost didn’t allow for the majority of the songs to make the track list. The gravitational forces inside would rip any matter apart. In a vacuum, you would only see the beam light up where it hit the target (light is scattered by the matter in the target). A laser is a highly focused beam of light with the photons traveling in one direction. The problem with this is that you cannot normally see a laser beam. Could you see laser blasts? So quit the butts, and get your smokin’ look from clean, clear skin. Blackstone tried to block the audience’s view with his body while the elevator completed its trip, but what was going on was painfully clear. While she doesn’t immediately master airbending, it marks the first time she’s able to airbend. Fire department units arrived within four minutes of being called, but by then the fire had been burning unchecked for possibly as long as 40 minutes and was fully out of control. Ekans is a Snake Pokémon, which makes sense with its name, as “Ekans” spelled backward is “snake”! In which war did Canadian troops serve together in large numbers, establishing a newfound sense of cultural pride and identity? The aster consists of star-shaped flowers, which makes sense because its name comes from the Greek word for “star.” Aster alpinus is the only member of this genus native to North America and produces early summer blooms in purple, pink, blue or white. Can you name this coastal state? One of the most collectible candy dispensers on the market, the most desired version recently sold for $13,000. The correct lyrics are: “But she loved the boy next door / Who worked at the candy store.” These lyrics are from the song “Ballad of a Teenage Queen,” which became another big hit for Johnny on the music charts. Connecticut is often called the “Nutmeg State.” If you’ve eaten PEZ, you might be interested to know that the tasty candy is made in Connecticut. The soil in Kentucky is very rich, perfect for a species of grass that looks blue when it goes to seed – which gives the state its nickname, the “Bluegrass State.” Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in 1809?

The species is also known as the seed or grass tick. If promptly removed, the Australian paralysis tick doesn’t pose much of a health threat. However, if left to gorge itself for an extended period of time, the tick eventually releases a neurotoxin that can cause rash, imbalance, weakness, partial facial paralysis and flu-like symptoms. One of the most venomous spiders found in China, the bird spider bite injects a neurotoxin that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, often causing the victim to be unable to move. With a venom that is reportedly 15 times more potent than that of a rattlesnake, the black widow is one of the most venomous spiders in North America. On the West Coast of North America you can find the massive, yellow banana slug and in Australia, there’s actually a species that is hot pink. The first lawn mower was invented by Edwin Budding in 1830 to cut the grass on sports grounds and extensive gardens. However, he was humbled after his sword fighting hand was cut off, diminishing his skills substantially. According to legend, placing an onion half in every room of your home will ward away illness. And, in case of an outrageously expensive crash, front and side airbags will deploy and a safety disconnect system will kick in. The shy hamlet’s head and fins are yellow, but the rest of its body is either blue or black. Located in northeast England, York Minster is an impressive Gothic church with vaulted ceilings and stained glass galore. The Bible describes Cain as a tiller of the ground and Abel as a keeper of sheep. Looking beyond that Southern charm and the instantly recognizable dusty Arkansas accent, the former President of the United States would definitely make for some interesting conversation; whether it was in regards to his time as the Governor of Arkansas, or his excellent tenure as President (philandering aside, the man did incredible things for the United States, most of which has been undone at this point), or even his eventual impeachment, it’d be wildly entertaining to listen to some of the stories Mr. Clinton has accumulated over the years. Arkansas is filled with all kinds of nature and home to many parks. The reaction to this acceleration (often called centrifugal force) throws the occupants against the wall and feels like gravity (many amusement parks have rides like this). In an op-ed he penned in The New York Times, Wyss said he was inspired to donate the money by the National Parks Service in the U.S., which has helped preserve 15 percent of the Earth’s lands and 7 percent of its oceans since Yellowstone was named the world’s first national park. The curators of the National Museum of Natural History hoard plant and animal remains like obsessive serial killers. McQueeney, Kerry. “Hard Act to Swallow: Sword Stunt Goes Wrong as Swallower Tears Hole in Windpipe.” Daily Mail. He even used his fleet to kill one of the dragons belonging to the Mother of Dragons, an act that was repaid in time. With a $980,000 price tag and amazing performance specs, this car isn’t even attempting to masquerade as a responsible choice. Painted white with red and blue racing stripes, Herbie stood out amongst other competitors on the track. This is your time to find out! In Robinson’s act, he was sentenced to death by firing squad. The people who came were thrilled with the act, but overall attendance was low. John Lennon always denied that the song’s title came from LSD. Rescuers weren’t able to dig Burrus out in time to save his life. The Pokemon pretends to be friendly and guide others around by being the light in dark areas, but it is actually drawing their life energy away from them and ushering followers to the Ghost World. They are notable for currently only being native to the North American continent.

If you go to Iceland you can find a glacier with the name Snæfellsjökull. These “bulking up” additions to women’s dresses and blouses came into style in the 1930s and have sprung up on many occasions since then. It came into style in the 18th century when women’s dresses frequently featured a very low neckline. Though he never knew it, his prayer came true as the King of England finally allowed the translation of the Bible to English years later. Humans have been harvesting honey for over 8,000 years. Built in 1932, Baton Rouge’s capital building stands 450-feet tall and boasts 34 floors. When Raticate is attacked, it stands on its back legs and lets out a loud shriek. They elected to change the name of the city to Kitchener in 1916, a name that still stands today. Can you name this Pokémon? The name translates to “City of Temples,” and it’s Cambodia’s most famous landmark. The correct lyrics are: “In my hometown where I used to stay/The name of the place is Augusta, GA.” This lyric is from “There Was a Time” by James Brown. As their name suggests, they are most notable for their painful sting. The name comes from their close resemblance to the fruit of the cucumber plant. Can you recall the revolutionary theories they put forth or the fields of study they drastically shaped? You may recall from the Bible that Salome was the one who requested St. John the Baptist’s head on a platter. Because of the frequency of such ghost sightings, the Whaley House has been cited as one of the most haunted houses in the United States., is one of the spookiest houses in the United States. The very first calendar was created by the Stone Age people in Britain about 10,000 years ago. Two days later, Britain declared war on Germany, and on Sept. One noticeable difference between the two is that Charmeleon sports a spike on top of its head. Mars’ twin sons Remus and Remulus fought bitterly. The Valley of Aijalon was a city of Dan that was allotted to the Levite sons of Kohath. Dan Brown. It is a 2003 mystery thriller novel which follows a symbologist and cryptologist who, after a murder in the Louvre, uncovers a secret which could shake the foundations of Christianity. The scheduling change, as well as Dan Blocker’s death several months earlier, resulted in plunging ratings for the show. It’s not from the show. Their gunmen did the actual loading and shooting during the act. Science continues to evolve and new discoveries are made all of the time, so someday we may look back on some of these mistakes with the amused nostalgia that viewers of films like “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” feel today. Some viewers may be willing to suspend their disbelief. This is a case of willing suspension of disbelief. She was standin’ in the kitchen with nothin’ but her apron on, and in disbelief he stood, and he stared a while. But as long as the science is plausible, the film doesn’t push our willingness to suspend disbelief and (some would say, most importantly) the story is engaging, we can always enjoy science fiction. Condemned to the underworld, he was destined to one futile task: push a boulder up a mountain, only to watch it roll back down. Richards, who is known throughout the world of rock and roll as an interesting (if odd) sort of fellow, would undoubtedly have a bevy of stories to tell… Jett, who rose to prominence in the mid 1970s with the Runaways, eventually moved to New York and continued to make noise (pun intended) in the rock and roll scene, eventually joining forces with The Blackhearts so as to create some really classic rock and roll tunes. There are so many songs to remember from the legendary artist, only true fans will get this one! I’ll be honest: from the moment that I got this assignment, all that I could think about was Gob Bluth from “Arrested Development”; I was determined to have at least one Bluth-type magical faux pas in this article. According to Michael Hebbert, this process “accelerated the development of scientific survey and cartographic techniques”, including the development of ichnographical city maps. Scott, Beth and Norman, Michael. Be careful when making turns from one line to the next. If you’re signing a contract, the requester might ask you to put your John Hancock on the line. While most of us eat any caviar that’s put in front of us, La Prairie takes the yolk sac from sturgeon eggs and put it in their products; it’s believed that the fatty acids in the yolk sac soften and regenerate skin. While we can’t go back in time and ask, we do know that the word itself originates in Old English and German.