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Those with a temperature of 100.4 of above should not allowed in. As noted herein, completely different player credit balances may be tracked by the grasp gaming controller 102 and the SCI 200. For instance, in the above embodiment the participant might need a primary or major hundred credit stability related to the master gaming controller 102 and a second or secondary credit score steadiness associated with the SCI 200. After the player placed the 1 credit score/ wager with the master gaming controller 102 on the video poker game, the player’s primary credit stability can be . After the player positioned the 1 credit score/ wager with the SCI 200 on the aspect wager, the participant’s secondary credit balance can be . As such, the SCI 200 would individually determine that the side bet was successful and award the participant a secondary award or bonus of . Specifically, in this example, the player’s election to position a aspect guess by way of the SCI 200 does not alter or change in an approach the presentation of the video poker game which is introduced by the master gaming controller 102. In fact, the master gaming controller 102 will not be aware of the SCI 200 or the secondary wager placed by the participant.

Additionally, using a secondary accounting server or system, the financial worth which the player associates with the gaming machine and designates to be used as secondary credit used to wager on the secondary video games or bonuses could be tracked and accounted for (e.g. the system allows segregated accounting for the bonuses or jackpots that are applied via the SCI 200 from the bottom game and the wagers and winnings associated with the bottom game). As indicated, the secondary award or bonus might need numerous types and be triggered in varied manners. Referring once more to FIG. 4, the instance illustrates a case through which a card 14, or multiple card, from the original sport could also be passed to every of the extra games within the multi-game experience. In a number of embodiments, the means may comprise a mechanical linkage related to a spin arm, with motion of the spin arm (a “pull”) by a consumer causing the reels to spin. In accordance with the invention, this jackpot may be elevated by a portion of secondary wagers positioned by way of the SCI 200. A participant who locations the required important sport wager would possibly win the bottom jackpot however a player who places the required principal sport wager and a required secondary wager might win all the jackpot, e.g. the base jackpot plus the jackpot enhance.

As illustrated, a energy provide 118 could also be associated with the backplane 100. The power supply 118 ideally connects to a floor G and an external power source S. The ability supply 118 preferably supplies energy to the master gaming controller 102 and the assorted peripheral devices of the gaming machine, as illustrated. FIG. 5 provides another instance of a user interface 10 after the SCI 200 causes show sixty four of machine 26 to display a number of palms in response to an occurrence in reference to an authentic game or hand, such as for instance, a participant’s holding a particular card, and many others. In the example proven in FIG. 5, an occurrence of an occasion, such as the participant’s holding of card 14, results in SCI 200 triggering a second game, akin to a bonus sport. By means of a non-limiting instance, a multi-game expertise could be triggered from an incidence of a designated occasion, e.g., appearance of a designated card in hand 11. For example, the SCI 200 and/or server 202 may be configured to detect the occurrence of one or more occasions in the main recreation and, in response thereto, set off the one or more secondary games or events.

In one embodiment, numerous features of the invention may be applied by means of the SCI 200. The SCI 200 may connect to a casino server, equivalent to does hawaii have casinos server 24 or casino server 202. On this method, information associated with primary and/or secondary gaming performance which is obtained at the casino gaming machine 26 by the SCI 200 could also be provided to the casino server, a number of distant servers, a number of distant computing gadgets or presentation units 22. Additionally, info related to main and/or secondary gaming performance obtained by the casino server from another computing device, e.g., a distant server and/or presentation system 22, may be provided to the casino gaming machine 26 through SCI 200. By the use of a non-limiting example, such information would possibly comprise info regarding recreation play associated with the primary and or secondary recreation cases supplied by machine 26. For simplicity sake, data concerning main and secondary gaming performance could also be referred to herein collectively and gaming performance data. As one example, the SCI 200 could also be utilized to current a bonus in affiliation with a base recreation which is offered by the master gaming controller 120 of the gaming machine. In one embodiment, a participant might make a cost or a secondary bonus wager (along with one or more wagers upon the base or primary recreation(s) provided through the grasp gaming controller 102) with a purpose to implement or allow the secondary gaming functionality. As another example, the SCI 200 would possibly enhance an present bonus which is obtainable through a base game. The primary sport controller may comprise a processor which is configured to execute machine readable code or “software”, which software program could, for instance, be saved (e.g. fix in a non-transitory state) at a number of associated memory units (such as a hard driver, EEPROM, RAM or different knowledge storage devices now identified or later developed). It will be appreciated that the communication protocols utilized between the assorted elements and the configuration of the communication ports and hyperlinks might vary dependent primarily upon the configuration of the components. As indicated above, in a standard gaming machine configuration, the grasp gaming controller 102 may communicate with the SMIB a hundred and twenty via one of those ports, typically the “primary” port.