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A cruise or other romantic getaway can do wonders for a couple. A lovely peppermint cream has been a popular confection in the UK for a couple of hundred years, at least. It’s certainly one place on Earth where you can catch sight of a couple of presidents in larger-than-life fashion. It was a little different in the early days of circus, when the sight of a lady wearing trousers could rouse a serious blush. It wasn’t long ago that China, the most populous country in the world, was making news for apocalyptic pollution days that browned out the sun. People enter 5Ks for various reasons — to cross it off their “bucket lists,” to support the cause the race supports or simply to collect another commemorative T-shirt. To honor his legacy, the Edinburgh Council manages the Scott Monument. What is the Settle-Carlisle Railway? But before the 1900s, a diamond engagement ring was a luxury item; in fact, engagement rings even without a diamond setting were considered extravagant. What is an engagement ring? The engagement and wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li was tucked into the end of the series and came as a surprise to some fans. With a penchant for telling a good story, Ron Howard has been criticized for sometimes being too sentimental, but you can’t fault him for having a heart — and legions of movie fans prove that, sappy or not, Howard’s heart is in the right place. You likely saw images of the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris, which occurred in April 2019. Fans of the cathedral lamented the damage caused to the landmark, but renovation efforts are underway with hope for completion by 2024. Which of these is it? Much of their efforts center on how to best configure runways and terminals for the most efficient flow of traffic on the ground and in the airspace during departures and landings. Located at the center of a large moat for protection, Bodiam was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge and housed his descendants for hundreds of years before it was abandoned in the early 19th century. You may recognize Bodiam Castle from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” It is the property of the National Trust and thus not inhabited by a family at present. This is one of the many prayers to Holy Michael, the Archangel, who is regarded as a patron of the Church. An Easter tradition in the Czech Republic, parts of Slovakia and Hungary involves beating females with branches from willow trees. It’ll improve your ability and keep you in the game. And the single parent might enjoy the social opportunities that a few child-free days can provide. The Army took the brunt of combat action in WWII, so it’s logical that its personnel won 324 Medals of Honor out of the 464 doled out during the war. The Treaty of Utrecht ended the war in 1713, following a preliminary peace in 1712. France ceded the territories of Hudson Bay, Acadia, and Newfoundland to Britain while retaining Cape Breton Island and other islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This flower has long served as a symbol of Veteran’s Day thanks to the WWI battles that took place across fields of poppies. It’s a kind of bread made with nuts and spices and dusted with icing sugar. Ants avoid both of these strong-smelling spices. It contains “mincemeat,” which is a mix of raisins, cinnamon, cloves, orange and other spices. British author Anthony Price, contains this wry quote about airports: “The Devil himself had probably re-designed Hell in the light of the information he had gained from observing airport layouts.” Whether you agree with Price or not (we suppose some people might find Heaven in the frenetic hub of their favorite airline), the observation captures the essence of the modern flying field: its complexity, its immensity and, of course, its density of people. Leeches have between 32 and 40 moving and expanding sections on its body that contains a portion of its brain. As body temperature rises and dehydration begins, performance drops, which may lead to injury. Each night this flower wraps itself up tightly, only to unfurl as the sun rises. Lavender plants thrive in the hot sun and relatively dry soil of the Mediterranean, but some hybrids have been developed to grow in other parts of the world as well. To a heavy-metal soundtrack, Trogdor the Burninator wreaks havoc on peasants, cottages and the countryside — and thus became one of the Web’s most popular cartoon skits to date. He voiced “Darth Bane” in a cartoon. He teaches Darth Bane. He also voiced Darth Bane in one of the cartoons, but he never auditioned for the role of Chewbacca.

“Now I’m Here (Reprise)”

Rick Curtin and Brian Palmer – special thanks

Songs from concert at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria on 12 May 1982 – “Another One Bites the Dust”

Tyler Warren – percussion, additional drums, backing vocals

In 2014, Sebastian Kurz seized the role of Austrian Foreign Minister at the age of 27, and was the world’s youngest foreign minister at the time. After the fire, Hartford – and Connecticut in general – took a look at the laws in place regulating things like fire exits. Though it’s not usually the central story, there is definitely a thread of romance throughout all the movies. Families celebrate St. Nicholas Eve at home with lots of good food, hot chocolate, and a letterbanket, a “letter cake” made in the shape of the first letter of the family’s last name. While this species is the National Flower of Japan, the city of Macon, Georgia is actually home to the largest concentration of cherry blossom trees in the world. The Alhambra’s reddish tint is due to the red clay used in its construction way back in the 1200s. It is considered Spain’s most-visited tourist attraction, drawing three to four million visitors annually. Ransom wasn’t an Oscar contender, but it pleased audiences nonetheless, drawing in almost $140 million. Some think it’s an ancient Celtic fertility figure, while others argue it’s a humorous drawing of Oliver Cromwell. This fascinating site is full of stories, from tales of King Arthur, to the Holy Grail, to ancient Celtic and Pagan legends. The Holy Rosary is usually concluded in a number of ways and one is with the Hail Holy Queen prayer. Grace before meals is a traditional prayer that is said before food is eaten, as a way of expressing thanks to God so that the meal may be blessed. In addition to dressing up flower beds, this plant is also used to make perfume or even to flavor food. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced the arrival of a limited-edition dollar bill that would be printed as an additional stimulus for the economy. Fixing this problem can save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill. Its dome was the tallest in the world for hundreds of years. In Act 2 of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Juliet does eventually realize that the Montague name has less significance than her beloved Romeo, and alas, the two star-crossed lovers are doomed. Madison is doomed to be a werewolf, and she begs Sam to end her life of fanged misery. Sam Darnold (shown here) may not soon live down his “seeing ghosts” comment, which he made on the sidelines during a 2019 matchup. New York: C. Scribner’s Sons. It was a horrific tragedy in circus history, but it put a spotlight on some much-needed safety regulations. Every Easter Monday since then, the people of Haux have put together a giant 15,000-egg omelette to mark the holiday. Opened to the public by Queen Victoria in the 1800s, Hampton Court Plaza now hosts events ranging from concerts to ice skating. Elizabeth Berkley in a role 180 degrees from the character Jessie. Sinister alien forces grab them. Sorry, alien lovers, the International UFO Museum is not in the top ten. Then, either one or two coats of plaster are applied on top of the blue board in a similar manner to regular plastering. The first was the period of the late 1960s, characterized as the “Age of Aquarius,” named for a song from the Broadway musical, Hair. But soon it’s up to two little mice to rescue both bird and boy!

Made up of bright orange and brilliant blue petals, this very unique flower looks a lot like a bird in flight. A spinoff of the British Museum designed to hold wonders of science and nature, the Natural History Museum opened in 1881. The bones of Dippy the dinosaur hung above the Central Hall for a century before they were replaced by a Blue Whale skeleton in the 2010s. The Romanesque-style building houses four billion years of artifacts, as well as an area dedicated to Charles Darwin and his work. A regional community airport offers more, including a control tower and an automated weather observation system to provide pilots with real-time weather data. Queen Elizabeth I declared that hot cross buns could only be eaten on Good Friday. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1973. The bridge features three spans founded on concrete piers and is constructed of concrete and polished granite, which is not as exciting as it sounds. Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Although there were battles in all 13 colonies, the majority of the American Revolution was fought in just three: more than 200 clashes happened in New York, New Jersey and South Carolina. The loss of population in the Spanish territories contributed to the 1732 founding of the Province of Georgia, which was granted on territory that Spain had originally claimed, as was also the case with Carolina. New York City is the largest city in the United States, with an estimated population of 8.4 million people. India’s Agra Fort is more than just a castle; it’s an entire walled city filled with religious centers, palaces and great halls. Khalil Mack (shown here), Mitch Trubisky and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix – some interesting names there, for certain! For their first two albums, much of Queen’s songwriting combined contemporary progressive rock and heavy metal, which led to a “Led Zeppelin meets Yes” description of the band. ­Eliminate the need for sleep with revolutionary REM goggles. During REM sleep, when we have vivid dreams, brain activity is aroused to the same level it is when you’re awake. Antique wines need the same conditions as any wine that you plan to store for a long time: cool temperatures and high humidity, in a dark, vibration-free environment. This means they are all replete with history, and much of it is bloody indeed. Historic England. “The Golden Boy of Pye Corner (Grade II) (1286479)”. National Heritage List for England. Both “Holding Out for a Hero” and “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” were created specifically for the movie and were used to promote Footloose, but neither video had any footage from the movie in it. Lemesurier, Peter. “Nostradamus, Bibliomancer: The Man, The Myth, The Truth.” New Page Books. Concourses, the open areas formed where the main terminal building and the various piers meet, provide spaces for shops, restaurants and lounges.7 million square feet (529,547 square meters) of space available to handle all of the necessary aviation activities! And if you think only men became action heroes back then, you’d be surprised to find out some great action heroes of the femme kind. Especially in older homes, whose windows tend to have more tiny cracks and openings. The British Museum, which opened its doors in the 1750s, has just about anything you can imagine, from primitive artifacts to modern art. The “Mona Lisa” is probably the most famous piece of art in the history of civilization. Bob Seger released “Old Time Rock and Roll” in 1979, but it was rereleased in 1983 when it was featured in “Risky Business.” Paul Brickman chose the piece because he felt it was timeless and wouldn’t date the movie. The aster consists of star-shaped flowers, which makes sense because its name comes from the Greek word for “star.” Aster alpinus is the only member of this genus native to North America and produces early summer blooms in purple, pink, blue or white. Shorty gives tours of the National Hobo Cemetery and shares the stories of steam-era hobos like her father, men who took to the rails out of necessity and found an odd sense of home and community in that rambling world. If you long to be a part of the community that brings you the hottest trends, if your goal in life is to be a trendsetter and if you think you have what it takes to be a leader rather than a follower, then you better hope you can pass this quiz. She gives birth to Leia and Luke in an asteroid field just before she dies, but she has no brother. C-3PO gives him 3,720 to 1 odds of navigating an asteroid field. He is joined on the field by tight end George Kittle and on the defensive side of the ball by Nick Bosa.

Brooks received a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma State University in 2011. This was a real degree he earned and not an honorary degree. Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras was trained as a civil engineer, earning his Master’s degree from National Technical University in Athens. During the Azerbaijan presidential election held on October 15, 2003, then prime minister of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev campaigned on behalf of his father, incumbent President Heydar Aliyev, who was hospitalized in the United States at the time. Steve Martin stars as a hapless dad with a wildly extended middle-class family, including Dianne Wiest as a frazzled mother of two, Rick Moranis as a type-A father, Jason Robards as Grandpa, and a host of other quirky characters. His jealous brothers stripped Joseph of his coat, sold him into slavery and dipped the coat in goat’s blood to show to their devastated father, who replied, “an evil beast hath devoured him.” Joseph’s brothers showed their father, Jacob, Joseph’s bloody coat. Amon has ties to black market slavery. In the late 1800s, the diamond market was flooded when big diamond mines were found in South Africa, and that new influx of gems drove the prices down. Families shop for gifts, ornaments, and good things to eat in the market stalls, called puestos. They come in various shapes and sizes from multiple brands, and indeed, you can even buy a box of fancy ones at the House of Commons gift shop! Walk into a doctor’s waiting room or a fancy restaurant, and the chances are good you’ll see a saltwater aquarium filled with vibrantly colored fish. Today, this circular structure with its impressive dome and mezzanines is used as a reading room for students at the school. Standing in a circular pattern and made up of huge stones, Stonehenge is still a mystery to most historians. Circular cuts are post 1850. Exposed surfaces of antiques were hand-sanded. What is the Gotham Post? Circuses would spend loads of money printing up a jillion posters, and rival circuses would come and post right over them. At the end of the day, when the bananas and orange slices are gone, even if you don’t post a personal record, you’ll feel good knowing you gave it your best and supported a good cause. Each night, they sink below the water, only to rise and bloom again the next day, which has made them a powerful symbol in many world religions. Maybe you even know how to fix a sink or a toilet, but are those the only skills you should have? Shouldn’t you also have some basic outdoor skills? Originally from Sweden, Dolph Lundgren used his martial arts skills to get his foot at the door of Hollywood, and he made many action films in the ’80s and ’90s. The “Shrek” franchise is one of the highest-grossing animated movie series ever, with the films raking in $3.5 billion worldwide. The museum pulled the chair from display and used X-ray analysis to determine that the chair was, indeed, LaMontagne’s fake. Originally, the saying was, “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread. Little Johnny wants to play”? Every year they sell roughly 150 million loaves of bread. CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) saves thousands of lives each year. Within the last 200 million years, the Alaska Volcano Observatory reports that there are over 130 active volcanos in the state of Alaska. The world’s highest active volcano is Ojos del Salado (6,893 m or 22,615 ft), which is in the Andes Mountains section of the Ring of Fire. For example, some South American airports, located in the Andes Mountains, are almost three times higher than Denver’s. Reventador is an active stratovolcano that lies in the eastern Andes of Ecuador. Their secret weapon lies in their ability to produce slime, which tastes quite icky. Like a tall bully, lifts the head, and lies. Towering over London like a massive sliver of glass, the 95-story Shard building measures more than 1,000 feet tall. The towers are either end of the span are connected by a walkway, with a drawbridge underneath to let tall ships pass in the water below. What are the names of the main characters of “Supernatural”? The 2-1B droid is a surgical machine with modular limbs that allow it to use different instruments.

Cut nails were prominent from 1790 to 1890. Sharp-ended wire nails with flat, round heads began to be machine produced around 1880. Staples are hallmarks of 20th-century manufacture. Other than its stunning lines, this car is dangerous and is armed with machine guns, blades that shred tires, and an assortment of other gadgets. Not only will you reap the benefits of a rested mind, the stylish goggles (which come in a wide assortment of colors) also improve memory. This priest wrote The Student’s Prayer, which asks for students to be granted clarity, understanding, retentive memory and the skill of self-expression. Because it’s so easy to run by the store to pick up wood for a fire, chopping wood is a lost skill. With somewhere around 400,000 flower species on the planet, there’s always a bloom for any setting, soil, occasion or level of gardening skill. It’s pretty ramshackle these days and no one actually uses it, but it does pop up a few times over the course of the series as people stop by on their way to somewhere else. Many people have analyzed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Although technically challenging to sing, they see the music as directly reflecting a theme in the Wizard of Oz-the first low note representing Kansas, the second high note representing Oz, and the circling back to the original note representing the yearning Dorothy initially has for Oz, but also her yearning in Oz for home. You can’t examine the actual articles you’re bidding on, the bidding may last for days and you can’t take your prize home at the end of the auction. Single parents may debate whether to take the kids when traveling for business. While often confused with water lilies, these white or pink blooms are a separated species. These cup-shaped flowers come in shades of red, yellow, white and pink and are known for their large, vibrant blooms. But in the early days of the circus, the demands of the audience were a lot less challenging, and leaping was a big deal. A lot of people have been pushed away from their families, but they’ve found a lot in common with their friends out on the streets. That’s where Padme and Jar Jar are from. Padme and Anakin get married. Her name is Padme. Let’s travel back to the 1980s and see if you can name these popular teen stars! And while it was negatively received at the box office, making only $6 million worldwide, the characters have become increasingly popular, and are often seen at cosplay events. Since there’s a lot that’s “weird” about circus acts, we chose to include facts about its origins and legacy that may surprise you. She went on to make a lot of hits! Debbie Gibson hit it big in the music scene when she was only a teen, helping define the pop sound of the late ’80s with dance hits like “Electric Youth,” “Out of the Blue,” “Only in my Dreams,” and ballads like “Lost in Your Eyes,” “No More Rhyme,” and “Foolish Beat. Elmo’s Fire” before being a “Ghost.” Who’s this once-highest paid movie superstar? After a successful career as a TV child star, a teenage Kurt Russell became one of the most popular stars of Disney during the ’70s, appearing in fun films like “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.” He then transitioned into becoming a viable action hero in the ’80s with films like “Tango and Cash.” Can you name l’homme? The four-eyed butterflyfish gets its name because of the eyelike dots ringed with white appearing near the tail. Located in Berkshire, England, the 17th century Highclere shot to fame after appearing in “Downton Abbey” in the 2010s. The Renaissance Revival structure is also famous for its rich collection of Egyptian artifacts, which were collected by an early 20th-century resident, the fifth Earl of Carnarvon, who helped discover the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Situated in Somerset in southwest England, Glastonbury Tor is all that remains of the 14th-century Church of St. Michael. The “crooked stile” in the rhyme refers to the border between the countries. Over the next 10 pages, we’ll look at some of the places you may find ants on your property. Lucas had to cut his script down from over 200 pages, and the Millenium Falcon was changed from a cylindrical ship to what we all know and love.

The song played in this scene is “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from the movie, “The Lion King.” Timon initially sings the song then switches between Simba and Nala as the two realize that they are more than just friends while playing in the jungle. Shrek kills King Harold. Donkey got together with Dragon at the end of “Shrek” and they produced six dronkeys. Days six and seven, which many runners save for the weekend, call for you to increase your speed and distance weekly in preparation for the race. Lane began acting at the age of six. Typically a castle is fortified, but this one is not, as it began construction in 1699, in a time of peace. We’re going to take a trip back to the 1950s, when rock & roll was still believed to be dangerous. Test your knowledge of these classic 1950s rock & roll songs! This 1987 film wasn’t such a huge hit, though, unlike the first three ones, namely 1978’s “Superman,” “1980’s “Superman II,” and 1983’s “Superman III. Parenthood was a hit, grossing more than $100 million, a coup for a character-driven, non-action film at the time. The 1941 classic “Citizen Kane” was based on Hearst’s life, and his castle was renamed Xanadu for the film. The most notable lahar caused the Tangiwai disaster on December 24, 1953, when 151 people aboard a Wellington to Auckland express train were killed after the lahar destroyed the Tangiwai rail bridge just moments before the train was due. We’ve incorporated categories from sports to science to notable people. While astrology lost its reputation as a bonafide science after the discoveries of heliocentrism and Netwon’s law, it nonetheless continues to prevail as a cultural phenomenon worldwide. Rosenblum, Andrew. “How It Works: Airport Fire Truck.” Popular Science. The Radcliffe Camera was built in the 18th century in the neo-classical style to serve as a science library. If you didn’t have a set at home, you used a set at the library. These are auctions of the contents of a home, often without a reserve price (the minimum bid at which the item will be sold). It’s a good idea to attend a few auctions as a spectator to get a feel for the merchandise and the cadence of the auctioneer before you sign up for a bidding card. The cathedral was built in the mid-1500s, thanks to the idea of Ivan the Terrible. Gates are rented by each airline from the airport authority, and some airlines may rent a whole terminal building in their “hub” airport, in which case the rental fee alone can run into the millions of dollars. Some airport police are members of the city or municipality assigned to the airport, while others are from private security companies. It depends on a massive surface-transportation system so that people can get to and from the airport, park and get from place to place within the airport structure itself. It all depends on their personalities. “If your paycheck depends on the weather and the clock, if your conversation calls for a little more than a coffee pot, if you need to pour your heart out and try to rectify some situation that you’re facing, contact your American Honky-Tonk Bar Association. Whether or not you find heaven or hell in the complex world of a commercial airport largely depends on your personality and the circumstances of your travel. Some even take on a personality of their own, sometimes in a good way, and other times in a terrifying way. Plaster has been used since ancient times. Remember how Charlotte’s babies parachuted away on little threads? Its leaders had little respect for the Spanish in Florida, but they understood the threat posed by the French arrival on the coast. Perhaps you’ve heard the story of Demario Davis, who turned a potential fine of $7,000 for a “Man of God” headband into a fundraising opportunity for a Mississippi hospital. Can you name this flower, which comes in more than 300 species? Dundee cake hails from the Scottish city the same name and is full of currants, almonds, and possibly whisky. Other famous ancient gods include Apollo, Ares, Atlas and Deimos.

In ancient times, people looked to the gods and goddesses for answers. A theory goes that if someone was on hard times, they would pawn their fur coat and then get it back in time for church on Sunday. The Chernobyl catastrophe, which occurred on April 26, 1986, was the worst nuclear disaster in history. It’s the white in his knuckles, the gold in the buckle. What about the story of Shaquem Griffin, who terrorizes backfields with only one hand, lost following a birth defect? Sales of the car increased by 22 percent in the year following the movie. The Spanish artist was born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí y Domenech. That meant that from 1982 on, he was formally known as Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marquis of Dalí de Púbol. Upon Gala’s death, King Juan Carlos I of Spain dubbed Dalí Marquis of Púbol. A portion of the Pacific Plate and the small Juan de Fuca Plate are being subducted beneath the North American Plate. The attack killed 31-year-old Robert M. Losey, the first American to die in WWII combat. In December 1708, a combined force of French, Canadian, and Mi’kmaq volunteers captured St. John’s and destroyed the fortifications. In March 1776, New Providence Island in the Bahamas was captured by the Continental Navy. Dolls (and their mutilated parts) are strung in trees all over this Mexican island in an attempt to keep evil spirits at bay. Think you know which country is home to Hatley? Blackpool has long been a popular seaside town for Brits, but the addition of the 514-foot-tall Blackpool Tower in 1894 brought even more reasons to visit the area. Can you name this popular biscuit, often brought by guests around Christmas? In a time before Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, this poem by William Miller encouraged children to listen to their version of the news, brought by the town crier. Of course, the time-traveling version of the DeLorean was the brainchild of Dr. Emmett Brown. For those waiting to bust a quick move, you were probably watching House Party. After failing to find the right leading lady, director Allan Carr met Olivia Newton-John at a dinner party thrown by Helen Reddy. The head of the East German Communist Party declared that November that residents could cross into West Berlin freely. And some of our wedding traditions, such as marrying during the month of June, actually add more to the cost of nuptials than if we picked, say, November or May. November 16, 1997. Wholesale Arts Crafts. Leslie is Senior Vice President and Senior Specialist of American Furniture and Decorative Arts at Sotheby’s in New York. The film, which was released in 1990, follows the story of Sailor (played by Nicolas Cage) and Lula (played by Laura Dern). Sailor Jupiter, who is known for her tremendous fighting skill, is the Soldier of Thunder and Courage. CMT and TNN banned the 1991 music video for “The Thunder Rolls” because it depicted domestic violence. The Country Music Association still named it video of the year. Many of them (especially the first four) are among the most difficult RPG video games ever published. But be honest: Some of those traditions are straight up strange, don’t you think?

Perhaps one of the most famous romantic comedies of them all, “Pretty Woman” also has a pretty classic car in it, a 1989 Lotus Esprit. It’s a story about a heroic woman who saves her people from evil courtier Haman, who is intent on destroying them. The two lovebirds struggle to communicate, and eventually Korra breaks things off to be her own woman for a while. Korra hails from the Southern Water Tribe, and thus is most comfortable bending water. Harmonic Convergence – an event during which the spirit portals align – only comes every 10,000 years, but when it does come, it brings changes to the world. It’s been improved quite a bit over the years, including the addition of a freight railway used to carry supplies to the castle on the hill. What is the Trans-Siberian Railway? Bossk was wearing an old “Dr. Who” costume. How the wood ages over time could also help you spot not only whether it’s real, but also how old it is. Wood darkens and shrinks as it ages. Also called a banjo ray, the fiddler ray makes its home on the sandy floor off the coast of Australia. France’s Loire Valley is home to a huge number of castles, including the 16th-century Chateau de Chenonceau. Situated in northern France, Chateau de Chambord began as a medieval wooden structure. Paul Simon was reportedly taking a long time writing the songs for “The Graduate.” When Mike Nichols began pestering him about another song, Simon replied that he had written one, but not for the movie. King Edward I beefed up an ancient fort to build Caernarfon Castle in Wales in the 13th century. Some say this castle resembles Poland’s Malbork Castle. Living on food stamps and handouts, sleeping in parks, getting wasted on cheap liquor and street drugs, and drifting from one city to the next, Dirty and his street family were drawn to the trains for the same reason all hobos are drawn to trains: they’re free. Castles are the stuff of fairy tales – where Sleeping Beauty lay in wait for her Prince, where Rapunzel let down her hair to serve as a makeshift climbing rope, where Cinderella finally triumphed over her evil relatives and found that lost shoe – the list goes on and on. With more than 200 miles of tunnels and caves, there is enough freaky stuff in this one area to keep you terrified for a lifetime. You might be scratching your head at the idea of the humble chrysanthemum being the featured flower of the homecoming ritual, but these are no ordinary mums! You don’t need to have your chart analyzed to discover a great deal about your natal (at-birth) characteristics or to get an idea of influences at work in your life. In the UK, the DVD made No. 1 and CD, No. 20 in the DVD and CD chart respectively. Astrologers who once spent weeks casting and interpreting charts, with accuracy that could not be assured, can now compute and print out a chart in a matter of minutes, with no doubt as to its accuracy. We doubt this striped fish knows any knock-knock jokes! Without a doubt. A look at a list of people born on a specific day gives us a clue to the amazing potentialities that exist for that particular date. There’s a vocabulary you tend to adopt if you belong to a particular group – groups ranging from as small as your family to as large as the United States of America. In the early days of aviation, airports were known as “flying fields” because planes took off and landed in large fields. The German battlecruisers wheeled to the northeast of the British forces and made good their escape. Pease pudding hot, Pease pudding cold” is actually based on a thick yellow British sauce, rather than a pudding as in the rhyme. Pease sauce is made from dried peas. It is usually accompanied by bacon or a saveloy sausage. In some versions of the rhyme, “pease pudding” is replaced with “pease porridge. Charlie’s Angels” after multiple cast members departed and got replaced. Aside from TV acting, she also did movies, like the comic book hero film “Sheena: Queen of the Jungle. Flat tires are often replaced by donut tires. If you’ve always wondered how much you are like the Commander in Chief, this quiz will let you know! Diamond rings, wedding dresses, and even the cost of marrying during official “wedding season” all add up — have you ever wondered where those traditions come from?